Aaron Paul @ Coachella

Every year hard-working people pay hundreds of dollars to attend Coachella while journalists like myself get to go for free. (Hey, I’m hard-working too!) But even my free ride looks unglamorous compared to the deal some celebrities are getting to be seen at the fest. According to The New York Daily News, there’s a competitive market of celebs looking to link with corporate sponsors. Here are all the dirty details:

Lea Michele will earn a cool $20,000 from Lacoste to wear its clothes while she rocks out to headliners OutKast, Muse and Arcade Fire, while Vanessa Hudgens is being paid $15,000 by McDonald’s to hit the festival. Some stars are still looking for companies to pony up the cash in exchange for plugging their products. We hear Aaron Paul is asking for $15,000 and at least 2 VIP passes, while Kate Bosworth is demanding double that. Joe Jonas is seeking somewhere under $20,000, while British fashion blogger Louise Roe wants $5,000 and three tickets.

Maybe this is because I’m a Breaking Bad fan who knows nothing about fashion, but it seems like Aaron Paul is worth at least as much as Kate Bosworth if you’re a clothing company trying to attract attention to your brand or whatever. I know beautiful women tend to attract the most eyeballs, but surely you’ve seen this guy ham it up in a crowd? He’s a walking high-five. Some CFO needs to pay Jesse Pinkman to go to Coachella already, if only so he can eagerly pose for a photo with yours truly.

Or Paul could just, you know, buy a ticket. w/e.

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  1. BarnLife is getting paid an undisclosed sum to rock out as well. Don’t forget me.

  2. Shit, if I had the cash to spare I’d love to pay for Aaron Paul to go – just as a thank you for Breaking Bad.

  3. I remember reading that Aaron Paul met his wife at Coachella. I was under the impression he liked music festivals and am a little confused that he doesn’t just buy a ticket and go. But then again, if they were paying me to go to Coachella I’d probably prefer that route too.

    DeVille, we gonna party this weekend? Stereogum meet up?

    • That’s totally true… Paul met his wife at Coachella. He’s a huge music-head like all of us, I’ve read dozens of articles about his love of Radiohead and attending as many music fests as he can. For that, I love the guy even more than I already did due to his stellar performance as Jesse Pinkman.

  4. According to his Reddit AMA, Aaron Paul met his wife at Coachella.

    He loves Coachella!

  5. Does anyone want to switch places with me two weekends from now so I don’t have to attend this stupid thing?

    • Questions on your mind answered in advance:

      Q: “Why would you buy a ticket if you don’t want to go?”
      A: I didn’t buy a ticket under my own will — It was gifted to me even though I had repeatedly stated to the gift givers before the lineup was announced that I didn’t want to go. Apparently people not listening to me is something that happens to me IRL as well as on here.

      Q: “So why not just back out?”
      A: Sometimes you just have to suck it up and do things for the ones in your life.

      Q: “But I’m sure there’s someone you want to see…”
      A: My only must-see is AFI, and they’ll probably be on the main stage under the hot sun at 5pm or something lame, rendering it unenjoyable. I like Title Fight but I’ve already seen Title Fight a handful of times at FYF, and they’re playing early in the day anyway with probably no one else to hold me over until AFI plays later on. Also, if you asked me which reunion and hard-get acts I could care the least about ever, I would say Outkast, Neutral Milk Hotel, the Replacements and the Knife. Look who is playing this year… And other than that, it’s just an EDM and pop-disguised-as-indie clusterfuck.

      • Aarron Paul meeting his wife at coachella is sweet and romantic. And he seems genuine in his music festival sentiments. That contrasts very well with how souless it seems to pay someone to atttend a music festival to adverstise your business. Its that kind of approach to music festivals that turns me off so much from them. I sympathize with you Michael_, although since Neutral Milk Hotel is skipping LA I’m hopelessly jealous everyone getting to see them in Oakland and at Coachella. But back to my point, Everyone in California wants to go to Coachella and there’s nothing wrong with having fun at a musical festival. Its the exploitation that always makes me angry.

      • _’s kinda being, you know, that thing that dylan baldi said

      • Yeah we really believe you’re gonna attend coachella just to spare someone’s feelings. Man you must have horrible taste in music if AFI is your biggest draw for the festival. The Replacements are the only thing at this festival worth seeing. Coachella does suck though I agree with you there. At least we can still enjoy FYF at least until the posers and celebs who ruined coachella ruin FYF too.

    • I’m going to the parties at the Saguaro and the Ace.

      • The party at the Ace last year was absolutely terrible. Plus the reggae dj they had at the main pool was about as annoying as any I’ve ever heard, repeating the same 3 statements over and over all day long.

        “Palm Springs…. Warm and easy… In the meantime”

  6. Because you know – it’s about the music.

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