I Won

“Trophy wife” isn’t usually a term of endearment, but Future and Kanye West — both of whom are engaged to beautiful, famous women after fathering children with them — just built an entire (excellent) song on the conceit that there’s nothing more romantic than being dubbed life’s grand prize. And if you strip the negative connotation away as effectively as Metro Boomin’s masterfully mushy production does here, you can reframe just about any dismissive phrase into the highest Shakespearian reverie. That’s exactly what Future and Kanye do on “I Won,” on which you can hear their grins progressing to “Black Hole Sun” status with each successive dopey, potentially chauvinist couplet. Marvel as Future flips the standard notion (as espoused repeatedly in Yeezy’s discography) about women trapping men via pregnancy: “Now that ass gettin’ fatter and I know it’s because of me/ I know it’s because of me/ Got you in custody.” Gawk in disbelief as Kanye ashes cigars on Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries simultaneously: “I made it over NBA and NFL players, so every time I score it’s like the Super Bowl.” Kanye references the notorious “Bound 2″ video in his verse, and indeed the hyper-literal rhyming here is an extension of that song’s giddy sentimentality. Listen to this latest Honest single below and let’s parse this thing together.

Honest is out 4/22 via Epic. A video for “I Won” is coming soon, directed by Hype Williams.

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  1. I just played this with my friend in the room and she said “Man I can’t wait for Kanye’s divorce album. it’s gonna be career-defining.”

    She’s totally right.

  2. This shit is soft and it has no bite to it. It’s pure cheese ball love fluff in the worst way. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a worse ‘Ye rhyme. And I don’t want to hear any more about that Kim Kardashian. I’m with Wesley above and with Sarah Michelle Gellar — Get me to the divorce album or at least get the Kardashians out of my life. Listening to this sounds like listening to Kanye getting castrated.

  3. Yeah! I want all my rappers’ love songs to their wives to be straight up bangers! Get that soft shit outta here. Get that love outta here.

    • It’s like the rap game equivalent of when one of your funniest or interesting friend gets engaged / married and their entire news feed goes from being one of the few unique reads left to just another lame string of selfies of the happy couple that you couldn’t care less about. But then comes the day when you notice those selfies start becoming less frequent and that their partner has gone missing in those which are left, as the 700+ facebook friends they once forced their love upon begin to whisper in the background about what may have happened. Eventually, you bump into someone IRL who is in the know and they confirm that one of them was cheating, the divorce has been finalized and both of their lives are a mess. I’ve seen it happen about three or four times already, and it never stops being a good lesson to those who feel the need to force their lives onto others. This song is going to be so embarrassing when KimYe is done.

  4. I’ve got a friend who’s saying that Kanye’s next album is going to be different and softer than Yeezus, because now he’s a father, which will add a different dimension to the darkness he’s been all about lately. Whatever happens, I’m excited.

  5. Well, that was disappointing.

  6. Oh, hey. Didn’t see you there.
    I was just listening to some mobb deep and wanted to convey that I don’t care how hard everyone pushes him – Future sucks dog dongs. He’s not impressing anyone with that “improv” shit. Anything can be a chorus if you repeat it enough.

    + song sucks dog dongs. wack as fuck (WAF).

  7. Check out another genius like Kanye right here!! Check out TeeFlii right here!! https://soundcloud.com/tee-flii/24-hours-feat-2-chainz-3

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