Wait For A Minute

Behold the most straightforward tUnE-yArDs song in recorded history. “Wait For A Minute,” our latest preview of Merrill’s upcoming Nikki Nack, is a smooth, simmering R&B deep cut that could almost pass for a low-key Sade remix of Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl.” (Trust me, that’s where you’ve heard those synth squelches before.) The bassy texture and melancholic tone also remind me of The King Of Limbs-era Radiohead, so take that as you will. Nary a feral yell or wild polyrhythm here, just breathy coos and endless boom-bap groove, affirming tUnE-yArDs’ Twitter-bio premonition that “Big changes are comin’, I can feel it.” Listen below and ponder what other surprises Ms. Garbus might have in store.

Nikki Nack is out 5/6 via 4AD.

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  1. Her voice has improved alot and this is a pretty pleasant little ditty. Don’t know how I’d feel about an entire album in this vein, but definitely a solid song and melody and good lyrics to boot. Now if only she could drop the goofy visual aesthetic down a couple notches. The press pics are cringe-worthy.

  2. This and the other track she previewed from the album were produced by the same guy who worked on channel orange and you can DEFINITELY here it on this one. Sounds like Lost.

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