Soaked In Bleach

Despite the Seattle PD’s insistence that the case is closed, there are still people out there holding on to conspiracy theories about Kurt Cobain’s death. Here’s some of the fruit of that speculation: A new docu-drama called Soaked In Bleach pursues the theory that Courtney Love staged her husband’s suicide before he could divorce her and take her out of his will. The film is built around private investigator Tom Grant, whom Love hired to find Cobain after he disappeared from rehab and who pointed the finger at Love upon Cobain’s death. Cheesy reenactments starring Sarah Scott as Love, Tyler Bryan as Cobain, and Daniel Roebuck (aka Dr. Arzt from Lost) as Grant are interspersed with real-life interviews with Grant, attorney Rosemary Carroll, and others, plus audio clips of Love expressing the sentiment that all publicity is good publicity. For your daily dose of controversy, watch below.

(via Spin)

Soaked In Bleach has no release date as of yet, and you’ve got some Arzt on you.

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  1. *groan*

  2. Another hour, another Kurt Cobain story…

  3. Having seen the film, I can say [SPOILER ALERT] that the most shocking revelations come in the third act, when it’s revealed that following Kurt’s death, Courtney Love used her ill-gotten wealth to conspire with the Illuminati to forge Obama’s birth certificate and replace once-harmless vaccines with a secret autism-causing juice that she and Sasquatch brewed in hopes of enslaving mankind. She then used the time travel technology that the US government and the surviving Grey aliens from the Roswell crash worked together to build at Area 51 and traveled back to the late-1960s, faked the moon landing, and disguised herself as Yoko Ono and broke up the Beatles. These experiences inspired her to write the song “Malibu,” which is really what the documentary was about, it turns out.

  4. ZZZZZ… This is so ridiculous. Anyone who knew Kurt and or Courtney knows that this is absolutely ridiculous. Even Dave Grohl has been quoted as saying,”Anyone who thinks Kurt was murdered is a moron!”. This was also the sentiment of Krist Novoselic, who was closer to Kurt than just about anyone. He is quoted several times as saying,”Kurt simply wanted to die”. Dylan Carlson, another of Kurt’s closest friends said,”Courtney did NOT kill my friend Kurt.. If I thought for one second that ANYBODY had KILLED Kurt then I would kill that person, Kurt wanted to die”. I personally was around during that whole scene and I can assure you that Kurt was so depressed and was very suicidal. But since you all do not know me , please take the words of some of the people that you all know, and that were very close to Kurt. That P.I. Is simply trying to get famous off of a tragedy. Peace, Love and Empathy, Chantal

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