Nirvana & Joan Jett Guitars

Earlier today we launched a poll asking who you think will front the surviving members of Nirvana when the band performs at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction this Thursday. Now we have evidence that suggests at least one singer will be Joan Jett. Today @FooFighters Instagrammed a photo of instruments, presumably from event rehearsals. It shows Krist Novoselic’s bass, Pat Smear’s guitar, Dave Grohl’s drumkit … and Joan Jett’s Melody Maker. Check it out above

UPDATE: Based on this rehearsal footage from, it sounds like they’ll be performing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (for the first time since 1994)…

And here’s a backstage photo from Mr. Novoselic…

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  1. Yes! In order to honor Kurt’s prescient prediction that the only future for rock and roll was with women, they should have all women take turns. Joan Jett, maybe Brody Dalle, and maybe they could find one other woman who was a legend of the early 90s and still has the perfect voice to sing Nirvana even though she would be a bad choice for a million reasons.

  2. I think Joan would do a great Lithium or Sliver.

  3. JJ is a good choice, as would Stipe. She’s got the raspy thing down and will do a good service to the songs and bring the feminine sensibility that already exists within Kurt’s songs. Grohl and Noveselic wouldn’t fuck this up, they picked a good person here. Sir Paul is also there and is an obvious choice, but I’m gonna done with the Sirvana thing.

  4. We did see St. Vincent slay “Lithium”…

    Still… Grohl or Stipe.

    • I like St. Vincent, but she doesn’t have the punk rasp of a JJ to do it. Annie’s a great guitar player but you want someone who atleast has the threat to shred vocal chords.

  5. PJ Harvey doing anything would be great but I don’t see that happening – the RARHOF wants household names, I’m sure…

  6. I’m good with this. JJ is a badass.

  7. Now the question is, what song(s) will they play??? I’d put money on All Apologies making an appearance and, let’s face it, Teen Spirit.

    • With JJ, I think they have their pick of songs. With Stipe I was thinking the softer midtempo all the way up to Come As You Are. With JJ they can let it rip …..

  8. No John McCauley? damn

  9. Sorry but I’m against this. I have no problem with Joan Jett whatsoever, but the only thing that makes sense is having Grohl sing and then letting former drummer Chad Channing play drums. Then everyone on the stage was in the band Nirvana at some point.

  10. I know this isn’t the popular vote, but if you are going to go so off the grid like this with Jett, then I honestly think Courtney (of all people) should have been the choice here if going female. Think the emotionalism would have been sky high, or at least come across that way.
    But, the problem is that the band hates her, and she can’t stand upright for more than ten minutes at a time.

    Either way, this all is no more than a nice glancing tribute. JJ will be fun.

  11. Joan is a natural for this. You guys seem to forget that Joan loves rock & roll.

  12. I don’t get why they need anyone outside of the original band. Dave on drums & lead vocals, Krist on Bass and Pat on guitar. Simple

    • I don’t like Grohl as a vocalist at all and is obviously nowhere in the league of Cobain but not even in the league of Joan Jett. Nowhere near it, he’s a good hookwriter and his screaming is serviceable and it would just sound like bad Foo Fighters.

  13. Wow. Really digging this! Can’t wait to see the performance.

  14. It makes perfect sense. Joan Jett went in doing vocals in place of Mia Zapata after we was killed for the Seattle band “The Gits”. Kurt was supportive for that cause raising money to find Mias killer and actually played benefit shows back then. Kurt died a year later and now Joans taking Kurts place doing vocals for Nirvana. Coming from hearing Joan go from her style to back in the day taking a detour as lead singer for Evil Stig shes actually pretty great at punk/grunge. Ive got a record of her doing it and its actually one of my favorite records.

  15. That Melody Maker is a thing of beauty. JJ is the shit yo! #CalledIt ;)

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