Coachella 2014

The first of this year’s two Coachella weekends kicks off the day after tomorrow, and the festival has just revealed its schedule for this year. As usual, with any six-stage show, there are going to be some heartbreaking choices in there for just about anyone. The Replacements are playing at the same time as Bryan Ferry, and the poor Dismemberment Plan are up against Nas, the Pet Shop Boys, Skrillex, and Muse. If you’re a Mogwai fan, there’s a good chance that you’re a Queens Of The Stone Age fan, too, and good luck figuring out which you’ll go see on Saturday night. Personally, I would have some real trouble making the A$AP Ferg/Title Fight/Jagwar Ma decision, and GOAT being scheduled against Waxahatchee and Wye Oak is just cruel. (Seriously, go see GOAT, though.) The Chance The Rapper/Courtney Barnett conflict is a tough one, too. Below, you’ll find the breakdowns for all three days; good luck figuring out what you’re going to do. Also, you’ll see some new names on the bill, as Julian Casablancas and the Pixies are both last-second editions. Take bets on which one does more legacy-damage!

Coachella Friday

Coachella Saturday

Coachella Sunday

Pro tip: Coachella is a great place to see rappers running out onstage with other rappers. So go see some rappers.

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  1. Still not excited to go, but I must say: There is an advantage to going when you aren’t particularly looking forward to anyone too much, because after assembling my tentative schedule, it looks like I’ll be breezing through without any said-heartbreaking conflicts. Booking a hotel and having access to driving around to more nourishing non-festival food options always makes sleeping in and taking your time a better option than getting into the Polo Fields anywhere before 3 / 4pm, because really, there isn’t anything before those times worth melting in the sun for before those times.

    Title Fight –> AFI –> Afghan Whigs –> Replacements –> Maybe a little of the Knife –> Outkast, I guess

    Banks (if we decide to arrive to the Polo fields that early) –> Casablancas, I guess? –> Warpaint –> Lorde –> QOTSA –> Pet Shop Boys with the old people

    Great day to skip the sun, heat and exhaustion and arrive just in time for Neutral Milk Hotel –> Lana Del Rey –> Beck –> Maybe some of Disclosure –> Arcade Fire

  2. Also, some pro-tips:

    - Heat advisory #1: With the exception of late night vets like Beck, artists who are primarily acoustic-based / more on the quiet side are hell to watch in a stuffty tent at the start of the day and you would be better off waiting to see in a small indoor club at night (a.k.a. a warning against seeing Courtney Barnett, Wye Oak and Waxahatchee.)

    - Heat advisory #2: The Outdoor Theatre is guaranteed to be a clusterfuck for HAIM and CHVRCHES, and both acts go on around 4pm when the sun is hottest. Prepare accordingly. I’m also surprised both of these acts weren’t booked for sunset slots for better ambiance.

    - Every rap / hip-hop draws the largest crowd regardless of how good they are, so don’t plan on getting a good spot unless you sit through other artists sets

    - Disclosure will be a clusterfuck. It probably would have made more sense to put them on the mainstage and (controversial opinion alert) put Beck on the Outdoor Theatre, but only opposite to no conflicts from the main.

    • Should also note that I’m a second weekender, and the crowd has historically been a lot tamer and considerate during the second round, so the experiences between this weekend and next could vary.

  3. Overall I’m very pleased with the schedule. Once again, Coachella prove that they’re second to none in the scheduling game. Even with some of the conflicts, you can always find a way to overlap and see a little of everybody. Unless you’re MGMT because Future Islands no duh.

    What I Like XCX Style:

    –NaS doing “Illmatic” at midnight Saturday night. How can that not be anything short of legendary?

    –Nic Jaar & Jules are surprising (well, maybe not THAT surprising) and very welcome late additions. Definitely had to do a double take for the Pixies… in a tent. Far cry from the mainstage pre-Radiohead 10 years ago.

    –Washed Out into Future Islands during sundown IN A TENT (*phew*) on Saturday will be one of my favorite moments. I knew I’d have to get to Future Islands a band early to get as close as I want to get, so I’m thrilled that it’s Washed Out. Always nice when the band you want to sit through to see another is a band you already enjoy.

    –No Knife and OutKast conflict for the most part. Super glad they didn’t pull a Fever Ray / JAY Z conflict like they did in 2010.

    Shit I Don’t Like Keef Style:

    –Saturday’s conflicts from about 9:40 to Midnight. Saturday night is usually a clusterfuck so I’m not shocked, but I really wanted to see DARKSIDE and Mogwai and I feel I need to see Pharrell in case he brings Daft Punk out. He won’t, but what if he did? WHAT IF!?

    –Most bands I want to see are on the Outdoor Stage during the daylight. Looks like I’ll need two bottles of sunscreen.

    That’s about it. Not bad at all. However, I’m going to go ahead and place bets on Foxygen having a LITERAL meltdown at 1:45pm on the Outdoor Stage. I’ll have to read about it / hear about it after the fact but it seems ripe for another one of their classic fuck ups.

    • Unless they changed its format, I wouldn’t get any hopes up about seeing Jaar in the Yuma tent. From what I read last year, that tent is impossible to get into since it’s enclosed completely and always had lines 100 people long going out the door to get in.

      • AH! Thanks for the heads up! They didn’t have the Yuma tent when I went in 2012 so that’s completely new to me. I really wanted to see Bonobo anyway so if I can’t get in to see Jaar, it won’t be a big deal.

        Tents with lines are laaaaame.

        • From what I saw, it looks like they’ve made significant improvements to the Yuma. Its bigger, with possibly an alternate entrance. There will still be a line, but if you find yourself with a free 30-45 min. You GOTTA check it out. Such a fun, disco party AIR CONDITIONED tent….

  4. SOOO excited for this weekend! Year 7 for me. Nas at midnight will be leg-en-dary. I wish they did the same for Wu Tang last year.

    If any of you Gum’ers are camping and would like to talk good music, I will have a giant Spanish flag and a 100 foot slip n slide on my row. Hard to miss me. Come by and have a beer… or 3!

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