Michael Jackson - Xscape

When Michael Jackson died in 2009, he left behind a few unreleased recordings, and now Timbaland is overseeing their release, turning “contemporized” versions of those tracks into a new album called XSCAPE. Rodney Jerkins produced the LP’s title track, and it comes from Jackson’s kinda-underrated early-’00s Invincible period. I’m guessing Jerkins didn’t do a whole lot to update the track, which has that harsh, computerized sci-fi R&B sound of its era, and Jackson’s vocals are are percussive and paranoid as they ever were. I really like it. Listen here.

XSCAPE is out 5/13 on Epic.

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  1. i wonder what he looks like now.

  2. someone on a different site said this was a leaked track from 10 years ago and not the updated version yet

  3. “Invincible” is not underrated, it is forgotten, which I think is appropriate/merciful

    & personally I hate this kind of pop star necromancy bullshit. Glad that whoever wanted to subject Aaliyah’s legacy to the same treatment didn’t get their way in the end.

    • I think that if chris tucker had played a bigger role beyond solely the music videos, if would have been much worse. I know I’m in the minority, though lol #sueme

  4. That cover though. Like Mike’s coming out of an intergalactic toilet.

    “you’re shittin’ stars girl, and you’re the one.”

  5. for sure that’s another Aubrey I wanna know

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