Though it’s still a ways off, the time will come some day when Beyoncé will be eligible for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Some people might object to the idea of Beyoncé ever being considered for something like that (maybe even certain people who are being inducted this year — looking at you Gene) but in the video below, two young girls named Tiara and Nia make a convincing case for the singer: “The songs make me feel happy and it makes me feel a lot of joy.” One can only wonder how stoked these girls were for something as joyful as “XO.” Watch the video below.

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  1. I don’t know why anyone really cares about the RHF it just isn’t a relevant institution to us today, although, I guess that’s by design, seeing as it essentially just collects artist who were popular and important to a generation past.

    However within the canon of the Hall of Fame, I don’t think it makes sense for Beyonce to be inducted, whether she is an influential and relevant artist or not. There is nothing rock n’ roll about her music in anyway, not even in a spiritual sense, she is a 100% pop artist through and through, which is in no way a slander, but it is a fact. But I guess a lot of even the “rock” artists that are inducted don’t share that either, so instead they become inducted based on aesthetic choices (2 guitars, bass, drums, vocals..) and not the rebellious ethos that defined rock from it’s inception.

    It’s a weird institution.

    • They also define “rock and roll” pretty loosely, though. The Hall of Fame has been inducting soul/R&B singers from the beginning, and the current roster includes Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Smokey Robinson, the Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and more. Run DMC and Public Enemy are in now, and surely more rap acts will follow. Some of those artists dabbled in rock to a greater extent than others, but I think the real takeway is that RHF is not exclusively for “rock” artists, and so I wouldn’t rule out an eventual Bey induction.

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