Todd Terje - "Leisure Suit Preben" video

Earlier this week, the Norwegian disco-house producer Todd Terje released his knowingly silly debut LP It’s Album Time, and now he’s shared a video for “Leisure Suit Preben,” an album track. It follows the adventures of the song’s title character, a sweaty and sozzled goof who spends the video wandering around Oslo, trying on makeup and jewelry and then cutting loose in a nightclub. Espen Friberg and Emil Høgset directed the video, and you can watch it below.

It’s Album Time is out now on Olsen Records.

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  1. This album is just so great. The juxtaposition of this silly, carefree character whose just making music to get chicks and the serious Artist making challenging but accessible dance music is one of the best run-on sentences I’ve ever written…

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