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There was a point during last night’s minimally audacious Rock & Roll ceremony — maybe halfway through the E Street Band’s interminable shoutouts — when I remarked to the guy from Billboard that this was the opposite of Coachella. But boy did that Nirvana coda make the whole thing worthwhile. It was surreal and thrilling to hear Dave, Krist, and Pat revisit those songs two decades later, even if Lorde was too green to do Kurt justice on the band’s best song. Also surreal to run into Courtney backstage and find her completely lucid and polite. Happy 20th, Live Through This! Of course while we’re all happy for Nirvana, it’s OutKast’s turn to reunite now. Nobody (outside of the Snow Queen of Arendelle) gets the spotlight for more than a day in 2014. Tune in here and check back throughout the weekend for Chris’ reports from Indio. But first…


#10 kellstud | Apr 4th Score:22

Sorry but that arguement is as plainly stupid as not having “Like a Rolling Stone” in the top ten of Dylan.

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#9 rejectedjeffdunhampuppet | Apr 4th Score:22

10 Smells Like Teen Spirit
9 With Arms Wide Open
8 Photograph
7 Learn To Fly
6 Down
5 Jeremy
4 Nookie
3 No Rain
2 Glycerin
1 Spoonman

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#8 michael_ | Apr 4th Score:23

With the exclusion of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” I think it’s safe to assume that this was is more along the lines of “smells like comment-baiting.”

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#7 Michael Nelson | Apr 4th Score:23

You think it’s safe to assume we hired James Jackson Toth, an acclaimed songwriter (bka Wooden Wand) and outstanding critic in his own right, to write 3200 words on Nirvana … to troll commenters?

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#6 Michael Nelson | Apr 4th Score:23

Nah, you have my word — hand to heart — we approached this with no such intention, and James was given no such direction (and to be clear, no writer with whom I’ve worked has EVER been told directly or indirectly to be “more controversial”). I’ll be totally straight with you: In this case, we actually considered asking James to reconsider his decision to leave Teen Spirit off the list, before finally deciding that doing so would have been kind of invasive and dishonest. That said, if I had written this list, Teen Spirit would have been No. 1. But I hold James’ opinions on music in the highest esteem, and they’re presented here unaltered, and they are 100-percent sincere.

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#5 sdnabors | Apr 8th Score:23

I feel like if you go see an 88 year old man play music, you shouldn’t go in expecting a particularly tight set.

And I’m sure this was a really awful performance, but if you hate it, just go. Don’t boo a living legend. Do you really want to look back at the end of your life and say “One time, I boo’d BB King because he wasted about 30 minutes of my time.”

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#4 Chris Trash | Apr 8th Score:24


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Greg Newman | Apr 8th Score:26

I admit this show sounds like it was pretty rough, but booing BB King? If I did that I would feel unclean for weeks.

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Jordan Roberts | Apr 8th Score:32

Why would I click play on that? Reading it is sad enough.

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Josh Van Laan | Apr 4th Score:35

No Smells Like Teen Spirit.

How hip.

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#5 woah woah woah | Apr 4th Score:-5

Oh, he’s an acclaimed songwriter AND outstanding critic? Oh, my bad. He definitely knows how to pick Nirvana “top” lists, then…

The fact that he put “All Apologies” from MTV Unplugged as the #1 song is enough for me and many others to figure out he wasn’t the best decision for this list. This list is crappola.

And your “outstanding critic” wrote “No Apologies” in the first sentence of the “All Apologies” section…he must have been studying Rolling Stone’s list (titled that) first.

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#4 michael_ | Apr 8th Score:-6

Edit: You’re lucky I was kind enough to delete the above embedded picture. Please don’t troll me. You have no idea what buttons you are pushing.

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#3 eighteenk | Apr 5th Score:-6

Maybe you should stop posting terrible comments.

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#2 michael_ | Apr 8th Score:-7

Do you know what this is, you smart fuck?

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#1 rubberjohnny0829 | Apr 8th Score:-19

Who gave this old fart a guitar?

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Eric Berry | Apr 10th Score:1

This dentist is insane. I went there once and instead of suggesting to pull my tooth he just wanted to replace me with a clone! What a wack-job!

“We can recreate you” they said… even Canadian insurance doesn’t really cover that sort of thing.

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  1. Hey guys, we need to have a talk…

    You’ve heard this story before and last week’s Kurt Loder post was a preface to this day coming, so I will keep it as brief as possible: I am no longer going to be continuing on with my music writing side-job (that doesn’t pay in either money or fulfillment anymore.) My heart has been half-way out the door for quite some time now, but combined it with being a very time consuming endeavor, it’s become painfully obvious to me that I am probably wasting my time with it. I’ve realized a lot of people didn’t have my back and instead of running an uphill battle, beating myself up, burning out and losing interest in music altogether, I’ve decided to just stop and put my energy into something else.

    A lot of you here — both my fellow commenters and some of the writers — have been awesomely supportive with my side-project, though, so I thank you for being there. When I’ve been on edge commenting here (see above), it’s usually been a side-effect to having a day or week in the life of a music writer, so hopefully I will be able to relax a bit more now.

  2. It actually warmed my heart to see RubJon take the top worst spot. It just feels right.

  3. Quick personal story: the day after the BB King booing an 89 year old guy came in to do his taxes with me. He just had a form for the loss of his house so right away I knew he wasn’t getting any money back (which was the only thing he was interested in) but I remembered the BB King story and thought, man I’m going to listen to this old fella because I don’t want to be like them dudes that booed BB King. Long story short, he told me all about how the government is against him, “the attorneys”, the judge, and he made countless racist remarks for about 20 minutes. When I finally tried to hint for him to leave, he just kept saying the same things in circles. I think we “talked” for about an hour until he regained his marbles and decided to leave. Anyways, I did the right thing and I’m glad I did it, but man that shit that depressing. Anyways, no moral to the story, just a thing that happened that was semi-related to this site.

    • that tolerance will be paid forward my friend. It’s never easy to listen to a racist old fartbag. but, one day, we will all be old as fuck (OAF) and maybe intolerant to the digital humans (DH’s) that are sure to rule our later days. so, when that time comes (and it will), we’ll all sit together, chug some future BL nums, curse those fuckin’ DH’s and their “sentience” and how it ruined our district, and we’ll remember the days when men were goslings with brooklyn accents from london ontario, and women were miley’s with french fry heads and EOS sponsorships.

      • This is like an incredible Grandpa Simpson rant from 100 years from now. Well done.

        • Back in my day nickles had pictures of bees on them. Give me 5 bees for a quarter you’d say.

          • Three wars back we called Sauerkraut “liberty cabbage” and we called liberty cabbage “super slaw” and back then a suitcase was known as a “Swedish lunchbox.” Of course, nobody knew that but me. Anyway, long story short… is a phrase whose origins are complicated and rambling.

    • Can relate intensely. All of my co-workers are legit senior citizens and this is basically every day of my life for many more hours than someone should have to be endure, hence if you felt that was depressing, just think about how worn out it’s made me and why I’m rarely in good spirits around here. They still use the words “colored” to describe black people, they generalize about how minorities are lazy and abusing the system and every morning begins with the same political speech about what the government is doing to screw them over. I just sit their quietly and nod my head pretending on the outside that I am listening but trying my best in my head to ignore it, and get through the work day as fast as I can. Sorry to hear you had to go through that way. It sounds like a funny story when you tell it to people, but when you actually have to live with it, it sucks. A lot.

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen. The Kellstud has landed. I just wish that my first comment on this list wasn’t negative. However, omitting that song was bonkers. Great writing though (as usual).

  5. Love you guys.

  6. For the record, I felt like my Bon Iver six degrees removed from Kevin Bacon post was a new high for me. VOTING BE DAMNED!

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