OutKast Reunite At Coachella

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that there was ever any doubt that an OutKast reunion would happen. When the rumor mill started up last fall, it seemed like a pipe dream but here we are a few months later and OutKast is headlining over 40 festivals this year in their first tour since the release of Speakerboxxx/The Love Below over ten years ago. Last night was the first of many OutKast performances that will carry us through the summer and it feels good to have them back together. The two came roaring onto stage with “Bombs Over Baghdad” and didn’t let up from there, putting on an energetic and career-spanning set that reached deep into their rich discography and even managed to incorporate some songs from each one’s solo material. The show also featured guest spots from Future, Janelle Monáe, and a few others. Killer Mike was also ready to perform but Coachella cut the set off before he could due to time constraints. Watch the whole show and check out the setlist below.

“Gasoline Dreams”
“Skew It On The Bar-B”
“Rosa Parks”
“Da Art Of Storytellin’, Part 1″
“SpottieOttieDopaliscious” (with Sleepy Brown)
“Bowtie” (with Sleepy Brown)
“Ghetto Musick”
“Tightrope (Janelle Monáe cover)” (with Janelle Monáe)
“Kryptonite (I’m On It)” (Purple Ribbon All-Stars cover)
“She Lives In My Lap”
“Behold A Lady”
“Same Damn Time” (with Future)
“Ain’t No Way Around It” (with Future)
“Benz Friends (Whatchutola)” (with Future)
“Hootie Hoo”
“Elevators (Me & You)”
“Ms. Jackson”
“So Fresh, So Clean” (with Sleepy Brown)
“The Way You Move” (with Sleepy Brown)
“Hey Ya!”

[Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images.]

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  1. What a disappointing gig, the audience obviously didn’t care and Dre looked really down.

  2. god the sound is appalling.

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  4. This looks and sounds underwhelming. It’s a cliche, but few hip-hop acts are ever able to nail it live, especially in headliner spots to massive crowds, and it just looks like Outkast walked around stage, relied on some lasers and lights.

    On the upside, being a weekend 2 attendee gives you the opportunity to decide whether or not you should see someone. Might just stay for part of their set and beat the human traffic out of the gate…

    • i was not at this show and i’m not about watching streams of performances 9especially entire performances0, but hip hop acts are a mixed bag just liked everything else, but i’ve seen some great hip hop shows including headliners (Jay Z and Beastie Boys were a couple of the best headliners I’ve seen at Bonnaroo). Assuming this set wasn’t over the top great, although I’ve heard mixed reviews, I still assume it was a pretty cool show. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and chalk this one up to ring rust and other actors that go into playing a show together for the first time in years and miscellaneous other things because I’ve seen Big Boi put on a hell of a show so by time they get to Roo next year (fingers crossed) I’m sure they’ll kill it.

  5. When are they just going to re-name it the “Coachella Valley Fashion Show where you can stand around and pose while watching some bands if you want”?

  6. I’m not entirely sure what I just watched last night… the first 30 minutes or so was totally brilliant, if I’d turned it off after the Janelle Monae cameo and called it a night like a reasonable person, I probably would have thought it was the gig of the year. There were flashes of that afterwards but it didn’t quite hold together. I can’t blame 3000 for being mad — they obviously put a lot of work into designing a show for people who love their music. The band is killer. They played Da Art of Storytelling and Aquemini! But I think they misjudged the kind of crowd they were going to get at a festival… they should play some of their own shows.

  7. One of the worst sets by a headliner I’ve seen in awhile. They haven’t performed together in years and it shows. Andre looked completely out of it (back to crowd on Hey Ya?), and he didn’t even pretend to sing with the backing tracks at certain parts. Future coming out and pimping his album – really? It started ok but when they moved to the solo album tracks it was just downhill from there. Hope to god it improves as the shows go on because this was just terrible.

    • Would also love to see the headlines if Kanye was cut off and was ok with it because he’d have to pay.

      • Would you have paid to keep performing for that crowd? It was pretty clear they had no interest in what they were seeing. Judging by the way his demeanor changed through the show I’m surprised Andre hadn’t already walked by the time they reached that point.

    • Definitely not a polished set, which is disappointing considering their spot as the headliner, but I can’t say I came away from that feeling disappointed. Seeing Outkast reunite on stage was well worth the sound glitches, Andre’s occasional indifference, and cutting short Ms. Jackson. They were both on point with their lyrics (aside from Andre leaving Big Boi hanging at times) and they played an amazing song selection. Also, seeing Andre finally come to life and genuinely looking like he was enjoying himself during Future’s songs just shows you why they kept plugging it.

    • I think they would have paid for the last song if Andre felt like going on. Big Boi seemed to be game.

  8. Janelle Monae is the best part of this set… unsurprisingly

  9. is the crowd so bad because its like one those things where you’ve been standing for hours and you just kind of want to go to sleep or are they just a horrible crowd I wonder

    • I don’t understand why everyone is blaming the crowd, as I have a hard time believing that the Coachella crowd in particular would be a case of “not knowing your audience” for an Outkast set. People there will dance their asses off until 5am in the morning if you gave them the opportunity, especially on Day 1. My guess? The set just didn’t wow people’s expectations. I personally never figured Outkast to be headlining material, so I think expectations were set too high for this thing. If there was any case of “not knowing your audience” to be had, I would not be surprised if the kids who came out to watch them were just unfamiliar with them altogether. It has been over a decade since their last album.

      • yeah, after reading your comment I feel like I was a little harsh calling the crowd horrible. But what I was trying to figure out was how much an audience can affect the performing artist. From my personal concert experiences I notice the performance is directly related to how enthusiastic the crowd is. Most performers know when they’re audience is disengaged or just flat out boring and then what’s the point of putting on a good show if nobody cares in the first place. I’ve always though hip hop is a little out of place at festivals like coachella, because if it was the flip side I saw somebody like Woods at Rock the Bells or what have you I’d be confused. But I mean youre right, they havent been together on stage for such a long time but I almost feel like that encourages it to be better since its like a good to be home sort of feeling. Its probably a mixture of everything, both the crowd and Outkast. I can only speak for myself, but if I was there I’d be dancing my ass off even if the performance was mediocre just to try to hype people up. But i’ve never been to Coachella so I can only say so much about the crowd and festival headliners in general.

  10. The performance is very underwhelming though I would have been kind of disappointed afterwards if I was there

  11. Judging by that video, I too would probably be underwhelmed by a performance if I were also spend the whole time holding a goddamn smart phone in front of my face.

  12. Outkast shouldn’t be performing at this festival. The crowd was shit. Andre was clearly over it.

  13. I grew up with these songs so I hold this reunion dear to my heart. For us ‘80s babies and hip-hop heads, it was great seeing these two rocking the mic on stage again. A lot of the disappointment can be attributed to the sound mix and the audience, maybe a little to Andre’s voice being a bit weak at some points.

    As someone pointed out above, the performers give back to the audience what the audience gives to them. A concert is suppose to be an engaging interactive experience, not standing with your arms folded or recording the whole time with a phone. And if you’re gonna paying $300 to see the headliner at a festival, at least take the time to acquaint yourself with the artist’s material.

    There’s a reason why people hate posers so much. Stay true to who you are and what you personally like, and stop chasing hype. There were a lot of people taking up space where real Outkast fans could have been standing (the overpriced Coachella tickets don’t help either). Andre’s performance during “Hey Ya” was underwhelming for a reason, he even turns his back to the audience at one point. It’s insulting to an artist to have a reunion show celebrating a 20 year career and the only thing the audience shows energy for is ‘the hit.’ Artists expect fans to have more sophisticated taste than that.

    Future should have been left off of the stage. Janelle was great as always. Sleepy Brown’s mic was way too low. To add insult to injury, they cut the set short. It was disappointing to see it end like that. I find it ironic that hipsters who attend hip-hop /Soul concerts claim to be fans yet always seem to appear like flies on the wall. When it comes to flavors of the month within their subculture, they uphold all of their elitism and snobbery attached with their knowledge of the subterranean. When it comes to obscure or forgotten music in hip-hop, jazz, funk, soul- they approach it with the same disingenuous superficiality as mainstream music fans in their approach to indie. That audience should have recognized all of those songs, if they didn’t they don’t belong at an Outkast concert. It’s Coachella, they could go back to the camping grounds and go to sleep or they can go to another stage or tent. If they aren’t fans; they don’t belong there. Real fans in the audience and the artists deserve better. I’ve been to small shows where almost every person in the room was as passionate about the music as I was and it felt like a great fucking party. And I’ve been to shows where people get drunk, take selfies, cut in front of others, step on feet, stand for an hour holding up a phone, or complain how bored they are to only yell when the hit comes on. Coachella is full of those kind of assholes.

    With all of that said. Kast was my favorite hip-hop group growing up, especially after ATCQ disbanded. It was great seeing them live again, even under these circumstances.

    To all of the children on here- know your mothafucking hip-hop history. :)

  14. Ugggghhhh… it’s going to be a long summer for these guys…

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