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The first day of Coachella brought us the first Outkast concert since 2006, the fourth Replacements concert since 1991, and the first time Haim was on the festival grounds legally. (According to Este, the sisters have been hopping the fence since 2004.) It spawned thoughts in my brain such as “Wow, Chromeo is now famous enough to play the main stage after dark!” and “Wow, rock ’n’ roll doesn’t go over at festivals like it used to!” and “Wow, you can see Dee Dee Penny’s boobs through her shirt!” It also marked my first visit to Empire Polo Club after many years wishing I could hop the fence like Haim. Scroll through the pics above to discover the best of what Friday had to offer.

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  1. “Would this, only the fourt Replacements…”

  2. No AFI? You did it wrong…

    • Nice to hear Afghan Whigs and Title Fight’s sets were sparse, however. The less people, the more enjoyable the experience for me come next weekend…

  3. I was only watching the stream at home, but I thought Haim sounded like garbage. They put a lot of effort into posing and looking like rockstars and didn’t spend a lot of time bothering to sound like anything more than a talented cover band doing their own material. It was the kind of effort you’d see from a bachelorette party in Koreatown at 2AM honestly. Lots of flash, not much substance.

    • Also, how ticked would you be if you really wanted to see them and that asshole with the giant Bass face cutout was blocking your view the entire set?

      • I yeah seriously, I saw a dude comment on instagram “If you were holding that in front of me, you’d have 3 minutes max before I tear it out of your hands.” I feel the exact same, what idiot blocks people’s view like that? People paying top dollar to have an idiot hold a sign in your face.

    • Definitely sounded better live than on the stream – ‘My Song 5′ and ‘The Wire’ were both spectacular.

    • This pretty much describes my feelings towards Haim. I really do think they are gonna be a flash in the pan. Their songs don’t really stick with you over a long period of time Seem like a real gimmicky band “3 sisters, the modern r&b fleetwood mac”. Meh, they’re just basic.

    • To be fair, the mix on the live stream was absolute garbage. Danielle’s mic was way too high in the mix and completely dry, Alana and Este’s mics were almost inaudible, and the rhythm section sounded barely there. When you’re a band that thrives on harmonies and rock solid low end, that’s kind of a killer. Every other live performance they’ve given has sounded much better. I’d chalk it up to the sound guy being asleep at the wheel during an afternoon slot on day one.

  4. The Knife was the best. Hands down.

    • Please tell me more! I love Shaking the Habitual to death but have not been (and likely will not be) able to see their live show. What was it like? How was it received by the crowd?

  5. Paul and Tommy. That’s all I can say. Boys, you can do no wrong, even when ya try! Can’t wait for Montreal!

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