Watch Pharrell's Star-Studded Coachella Performance

While the most famous thing by far on the Coachella stage was Pharrell’s hat, the man himself managed to wrangle up enough star power to compete. Last night’s performance was a revolving door of celebrities including guest appearances from Nelly (“Hot In Herre”), Snoop Dogg (Lion, whatever) (“Drop It Like It’s Hot” & “Beautiful”), Busta Rhymes and Diddy (“Pass the Courvoisier Part II”), Tyler The Creator (“Lapdance”), Gwen Stefani (“Hollaback Girl”), and Diplo (“Aerosol Can”). Watch the whole set below.

“Lose Yourself to Dance”

“Come Get It Bae”



“Hot In Here” with Nelly

”Pass the Courvoisier, Part II” w/ Busta Rhymes & Diddy

“Lapdance” w/ Tyler The Creator

”She Wants To Move”

”Drop It Like It’s Hot” w/ Snoop Dogg

”Beautiful” w/ Snoop Dogg

”Aeresol Can” w/ Diplo

“Hollaback Girl” w/ Gwen Stefani

”Blurred Lines”

”Marilyn Monroe”

“Get Lucky”


[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.]

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  1. Wow that was bad. His voice just sounded completely shot. And also one Daft Punk appearance would have been 100x more impressive than that guest list.

    • Yeah he seemed to blame it on the dust, however, he still threw down at the appropriate moment, “Lapdance.”

    • If you listen to his live performances since he “discovered” singing (or in N.E.R.D.), he’s got a pretty fragile voice to begin with, when he’s not just using the 4-5-note midrange of his “featured” song cameos. Also, the dust may trigger allergies. (As a fellow singer whose range goes to crap with even a teensy bit of pollen in the air, I can relate.)

      • Oh, and he was clearly using a “live assist” recorded vocal to double with on some of the trickier numbers. Standard these days, especially when the recorded version was doubled to begin with, but it makes you look bad when you stop singing along with it.

  2. …aaaaand this is what happens when a product of the studio tries to cut it in a live environment. All the preamps, compressors, and (as Michael points out) “live assist” tracks in the world can’t save you if you lack the fundamental talent. Hell, his album has more engineers than NASA. That might tell you something.

    Well, at least his backing band sounded good.

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