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More like guestival amirite? Cameos dominated Coachella all weekend, but Sunday was especially saturated with them. Arcade Fire had Debbie Harry. Motorhead had Slash. Jhene Aiko had Drake and Childish Gambino. Disclosure had Mary J. Blige, Sam Smith, and Aluna Francis. Even Justin Bieber was there to jump on stage with Chance The Rapper, as did Vic Mensa. Soon we’ll be seeing special guests with their own special guests, Inception-style. But let’s not forget the musicians that were actually booked to perform! From ragtag reunited indie-rock legends to a meticulously styled maudlin torch song queen, Sunday provided ample opportunity to be awed. Check the gallery above for Sunday’s best.

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  1. I appreciate the honesty with these lists numbers (8, 9 and 7) but it’s also discouraging to know that there couldn’t be found 10 solid things each day out of a lineup of 100+ artists.

    Pro tip: If you want to forgo all of the media-mongering Beiber and celeb appearances, go to Weekend 2 where you get to enjoy the music as is and not just what TMZ is talking about.

    • Not to mention all the smaller acts who take advantage of being in California and play shows in between and after the two festivals. Usually cheap and very personal shows for anyone who can’t afford or doesn’t want to go to Coachella. Or its just a chance to see your favorite bands again in a different setting, whatever gets you to the show.

  2. Bieber doing his best Yung Lean impersonation I see.

  3. So will Magnum ever let a set be recorded or is that just not ever gonna happen?

  4. Geez. I think you need to go to Youtube and check out some real performances. What’s lame is you guys only go and see whatever you think people want to read about and have no idea about any of the other acts playing.

    • Not quite here and not to skim off Win Butler’s diss, but if there’s anything I’ve realized about this year’s Coachella coverage, it’s that this past one has been one of a changing of the guard where venerable, seminal indie rock reunion bands we would have gotten really excited to read about five years ago have been cast aside to make room for a new class of very young, trendy electronically-dependent acts who haven’t quite proven themselves yet and could very well be forgotten about as quickly as the world disposes of their social media these days.

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