Arcade Fire at Coachella

Last night, Arcade Fire headlined the final night of this year’s first Coachella weekend, and by most accounts (including that of our own Chris DeVille), they stepped the fuck up. The band recently covered Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass” live, and they did it again last night, with the important caveat that they brought Blondie leader Debbie Harry to the stage to sing it this time. She also helped out on “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains).” And the Preservation Hall Jazz Band guested on the set-closing “Wake Up.” At one point, Butler acknowledged the scene-y mess Coachella has become: “I just want to say that there’s a lot of fake VIP room bullshit happening at this festival, and sometimes people dream of being there — but it super sucks in there, so don’t worry about it.” Later he threw shade at the abundance of EDM acts playing the fest with a pointed shoutout “to all the bands playing instruments this weekend.” Below, watch pro footage of the entire 97-minute set and check out the setlist.

01 “Reflektor”
02 “Flashbulb Eyes”
03 “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)”
04 “Rebellion (Lies)”
05 “Joan Of Arc”
06 “The Suburbs”
07 “Ready To Start”
08 “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)”
09 “No Cars Go”
10 “Keep The Car Running”
11 “Afterlife”
12 “It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)”
13 “Heart Of Glass” (Blondie cover) (with Debbie Harry)
14 “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” (with Debbie Harry)
15 “Normal Person”
16 “Here Comes The Night Time”
17 “Wake Up” (with Preservation Hall Jazz Band)

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  1. I don’t understand why everyone is dressing the same way for the last 5 years at coachella. It’s even more homogenized now. Coachella used to be about music but now it’s who can take as many selfie pics on instagram wearing a native american headdress, an indian bindie, a crotcheted bikini top with ripped jorts while doing a duckface. RIP Coachella. It’s over.

    • I was there and I didn’t give one small fuck what anyone was wearing (and for the record, people seemed to be dressed very normal, relaxed and comfortable). It was three days of happy people enjoying live music, and both weekends sold out almost instantly. Coachella isn’t going anywhere.

  2. Loved that EDM shade. Beck also got off a good one when he told the crowd he hoped they survived “the sun and the wind and the dust and the four-on-the-floor.” Lines are being drawn.

  3. Thank you based Win for calling out the people who are ruining festivals.

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