The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - "Eurydice"

New York indie-poppers the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart are back with their new album Days Of Abandon next month, and they just about knocked us dead with the LP’s first single “Simple And Sure.” They’ve now shared single number two, and it’s nearly as impressive. “Eurydice” sticks with the band’s early-’90s dream-pop aesthetic, but it’s got a big, glowing widescreen chorus, and it’s the sort of thing that some very smart director could use to soundtrack a romantic-comedy running-in-the-rain montage. Listen to it below.

Days Of Abandon is out 5/13 on Yebo.

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  1. This and the previous single have been formidable and comfortable if you’ve been a Pains fan for awhile, but having listened to the entire album, I’m a bit frustrated by the album. What the singles aren’t yet revealing is that the presence of a cast of new characters is felt in a big way, as Kip Berman steps away from the mic in a lot of the songs in a very Belle and Sebastian-esque way in which Stuart Murdoch does with Sarah Martin. It’s a very rough transition. I feel a bit Yuck’d by it in that sense, except Yuck had a window to hit the restart button after losing their main vocalist while the Pains of Being Pure At Heart’s switch-ups are more “just because” and their dream-pop isn’t striking me as easily as it did before.

    • Oh, loving that. Makes me even more bummed they pushed the release date back to after I’ll see them later this month.

      Hopefully, I’ll disagree with you once I get my hands on it, michael_.

    • I really like the two songs I’ve heard so far, so this comment about the nature of the album intrigues me. Looking forward to the album now.

    • Honestly I think this is their strongest effort yet. Even though Kip is stepping away from the mic, you can definitely tell that these are his songs. There’s just a different singer.

      Either way, someone has definitely been listening to The Smiths lately, I can tell ya that.

    • Well, there are only two songs with a different vocalist. I like the record but it’s much quieter than I expected and it sounds nothing like their last two records.

  2. I like this song, also anyone else notice that they are reading the same Greek tragedies as Arcade Fire? Apparently ancient Greek tragedies are in and make for catchy tunes, who knew?

  3. I wonder what Kip’s reaction was when the new arcade fire album came out – ‘how the f**k did another band write a song about eurydice, whatever, I’m not changing my song.’

  4. Two points make a line, so the way I see it, this song and the Eurydice themed songs on Reflketor have opened up the flood gates for indie rock Orpheus/Eurydice concept albums. I want to see Sufjan take this on, Swans, Stars of the Lid, Belle & Sebastian, the Decemberists, the Mountain Goats, the Pixies. OK maybe not the Pixies.

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