Twin Shadow - "To The Top"

Between Swans and the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, this has already been a ridiculously strong morning for new music. And now Twin Shadow have taken a break from their UNDER THE CVRS project, in which George Lewis, Jr. has been persistently knocking out beautiful covers on YouTube, to give us a brand-new near-masterpiece of their own. Lewis is currently working on a new Twin Shadow album, and now he’s shared a new song called “To The Top.” It’s a beautifully rendered piece of ’80s-style slow-dance prom balladry, and it’s possibly the biggest, grandest thing that Lewis has ever recorded. Download it below.

(via Pitchfork)

Twin Shadow’s follow-up to 2012′s Confess is coming sometime soon, hopefully, from 4AD.

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  1. Yes! This is fantastic. One of my favorites from him.

  2. Channeling that inner-Phil Collins though. Wonder if he drums on this track?

  3. Magnificent!

  4. Love the song, but I also think it’s hilarious. Tough.

  5. uh…sounds like I’m in shopping for deodorant at a Walgreen’s in an upstate NY county at 11:00 pm in 1988.

  6. Between this and Old Love/New Love I am pretty excited about the creative direction George & the crew are taking, such amazing sounds on each album and I’m sure the new one will be no exception. Big up TS.

  7. I’ve listened to this on a loop for a while now, and I’m just thinking…this is HUGE. Yes, it’s practically campy because it’s so over “the top,” but it’s so triumphant that I don’t care.

  8. not feeling this AT ALL and twin shadow is one of my faves ever :( makes me sad and angry. i was so looking forward to this new record. still haven’t lost all of my faith in lp3 yet

  9. This has a strong Peter-Cetera-over-the-end-credits-of-a-Karate-Kid-movie vibe. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

  10. Quite a divisive song, it seems.

    I absolutely love it. This kind of no-irony sincerity has been missing from indie music in a while. Makes me happy.

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