Made In America

The Jay Z-curated, Budweiser-owned Made In America festival first came to Philadelphia two years ago and quickly established a rep as one of America’s better-put together big general-interest music fests. And now it’s expanding. As the Los Angeles Times reports, Made In America will come to L.A.’s Grand Park 8/30-31, Labor Day weekend. This won’t replace the Philly festival; instead, both shows will run simultaneously. (It’ll be interesting to see whether they’ll have two different lineups or whether someone will jet all those bands across the country between shows.) About 50,000 people are expected for the L.A. shows, and Jay and L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti made the announcement this morning. (People who live near Grand Park showed up to boo because that’s what people do.) Made In America hasn’t announced a lineup yet, but it’s coming soon.

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  1. So, this takes place a week after the awesome FYF Fest, and it makes me a bit worried for them this year because they’ve already got to contend with the fact that they aren’t going to be able to hold it at their usual spot at the Los Angeles Historical State Park. I’m pretty sure they have their lineup mostly locked down because they’re announcing it in the coming month according to what they’ve been posting (hence they probably won’t have to worry about Made In America stealing away their acts,) but I have to wonder how much a chunk out of their ticket sales a bigger budget festival in L.A. under Hova’s brand will have on them if the lineup delivers the names it did the past two years.

    Then again, it could work against Made In America. FYF used to be on Labor Day weekend, too, but they bumped it up by a weekend last year because they realized most people in Los Angeles didn’t stick around the area for the last long weekend of the summer, and thus sold less tickets. Add to that, so many festivals around as is, they might be over-stretching themselves if they don’t deliver a huge lineup.

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