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Anyone excited for Record Store Day? I’m in line outside NYC’s Other Music* right now and in 14 hours that glow-in-the-dark Ray Parker, Jr. 10″ is mine. You can check out the full list of exclusive releases here or just listen to SoundClouds of all the new songs here. In all seriousness, though, good luck to all you vinyl fetishists and eBay flippers. Our (gif-free!) list of your best and worst comments of the week are below.

*No, I’m not really in line for RSD, but some people are! There are already 10 folks in line at Nashville’s Grimey’s, who will carry Neil Young’s surprise new release A Letter Home.



Aaron Darc | Apr 14th Score:17

Not sure if there’s anything more moronic than someone projecting their own tastes onto an entire market. YOU may not be anticipating it, but quite clearly a lot of people are.

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#9 suzerain | Apr 17th Score:18

I really don’t think Sky Ferreira meant to be racist, but defending the dancers in her video as “well spoken” wasn’t the best way to convince skeptics. I assume she wasn’t making a subtle reference to the classic Chris Rock bit.

“Whenever Colin Powell is on the news, white people give him the same compliments: ‘How do you feel about Colin Powell?’, ‘He speaks so well! He’s so well spoken. I mean he really speaks so well!’ Like that’s a compliment. ‘He speaks so well’ is not a compliment, okay? ‘He speaks so well’ is some shit you say about retarded people that can talk. What do you mean he speaks so well? He’s a fucking educated man! How the fuck did you expect him to sound, you dirty motherfucker? ‘He speaks so well.’ What are you talking about? What voice were you expecting to come out of his mouth? ‘Imma drop me a bomb today’, ‘I be Pwez o dent!’.”

– Chris Rock

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#8 michael_ | Apr 14th Score:18

Technology may change, but child actors will never stop being annoying.

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#6 alex ayala | Apr 11th Score:20

“Annie Clark.. from The Vincents?”

I died.

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#5 kilgore trout | Apr 17th Score:21

So just to recap, ASAP Rocky and Skrillex can parade around a favela pretending to be gangsters, while actual residents (whose lives are made very miserable by the gangsters ASAP is emulating) dance in the background. That is okay. Sky Ferreira employs black actors to make a cutesy gangsta motif video. Not okay. Got it.

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#4 spennyb | Apr 11th Score:22

It actually warmed my heart to see RubJon take the top worst spot. It just feels right.

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#3 dansolo | Apr 14th Score:23

“Some people like music I don’t, and that is OK.”

Let’s all just practice telling ourselves that in the morning before we internet.

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Rahbrrt Kahtinn | Apr 17th Score:24

when it comes to race you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. had she cast all white people the pc commentariat thought police would be accusing her of racism. the accusation of ‘racism’ is thrown around so often that it’s become meaningless. some ex-kkk dude just shot up a jewish community center, and people are worried about a pop singer casting black dancers in her video? get a fucking clue, please…

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Adam Wenn | Apr 17th Score:26

Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown.

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Kevin Broydrick | Apr 17th Score:-15

Apparently she also doesn’t feel the need to feel the need to proofread.

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Kevin Broydrick | Apr 17th Score:-15

Not even mad about the downvotes. Mad about this assclown byers hopscotching a dangerously low bar.

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Bryce Bullins | Apr 12th Score:-16

Probably the odd man out in this fight but I never understood the appeal of OutKast. They’re just too goofy and it misses the mark for me.

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Kevin Broydrick | Apr 17th Score:-19

It’s a stereogum comment, not a personal affront.

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lintmonster | Apr 17th Score:3

Not surprised that the billboard top ten is stagnant, I currently work in the pizza delivery business and the CD player in my car broke leaving me with just the radio to listen to, and stagnant would be a very appropriate word to describe the music I have been forced to endure as of late. I live in Alaska and we have about six radio stations to choose from (excluding country, classical and talk,) and once to my dismay Dark Horse by Katy Perry was playing on four of them at once! I don’t mind pop music but the recent string of could be summer jams from the likes of Pharrel, Avici, Calvin Harris, Elle Goulding, Katy Perry, etc, have been incredibly underwhelming (Calvin Harris’ latest single is literally called “Summer”! C’mon,) and a lot of them sound formulaic and boring. Hopefully with summer almost upon us we’ll start hearing some better stuff, or maybe I can just upgrade my car stereo.

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Comments (17)
  1. Final dispatch*: I was never unbanned. I’ve been staying out of these parts but have been around recently, checkin shit out, watchin the old chums from a distance. Gotta commend the site on the new McDonalds ad, this one is way more intense.

    I’m tempted to go haywire and wax indignant, but in reality all I have are thanks. Thanks for the good times, the good content, the ample opportunities to hear new music and talk shit, and, now the chance to #BREAKFREE from the stranglehold this comments section had on my productivity.

    Stay gold, Ponybitches!

    *unless I feel like commenting from any work computer/network that’s not banned on my own machine.


      I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for my lacklustre comment game of late. I feel like ever since donny told me I had reached the pinnacle of commenting, I have been bombing. I’ve lost sight of my audience and I’m going to have to go back to my roots.

      I’d also like to apologise to Kevin for lashing out at him earlier in the week. I just got so riled up in the comments section as usual.

      • Miss you weezyD. Apology totally accepted. I also wanna apologize for that whole kerfuffle, I honestly thought the “feel the need” repetition was Sky’s misprint and I was poking a little fun, shouldn’t have gotten so douchetacular when I started getting downvoted.

        In other news. I can not stop listening to the Todd Terje record. CAN NOT STOP.

    • I wish we could get you unbanned so you could stick around lwd!

      Happy to read honlads comment too. Found that hatred comment a bit out of character. I still don’t get why K-Broy got so many downvotes, I guess because Chinatown. And also you’ll never go far addressing your own downvotes (look at me go…)

      • It was an attempt at a joke downplaying the importance of downvotes, that backfired and made it look like I actually hate Kev.

        Remember that week or two with no voting on comments? That was a good time for the site.

        Whenever someone mentions Chinatown I think of Destroyer’s “Chinatown” (besides literally thinking of the Chinese), rather than the Polanski film. I guess what I’m saying is that song’s importance to me has surpassed the film’s.

  2. Great comments, good and bad. They have me laughing.

  3. How special to know that my witticisms were only slightly less popular with Stereogum’s readers than a white guy explaining how racism is meaningless / made up by the “pc commentariat thought police.” Wonder how many times that exact phrase has been used by idiots commenting on Fox News articles.

  4. Grabbed a copy of Biggie’s Life After Death reissue for my buddy who just got a record player and has NO IDEA what RSD is. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a copy of Jerry Garcia’s debut solo record reissue which is the only thing I really wanted. Anyone snag anything noteworthy today?

    • Best part of RSD was coming home from the record store, going to and ordering The Field’s “From Here We Go Sublime” reissue there.

      I got some random bits at the store too. Bowie picture disc, Disclosure’s “Apollo” 12″, Sacred Bones Vol. 4 Sampler, Cut Copy’s 10″, some J Spaceman/Kid Millions 12″ and Joy Division’s “An Ideal For Living” 12″

      Of course the LCD live vinyl sold out instantly. I think my store only got two copies and they were 120$ each. There were people lining up outside the store at 7:30pm yesterday.


    • I grabbed Oneohtrix Point Never, Built to Spill, Otis Redding, and Gram Parsons. My favorite find was not an RSD release, it was Harry Nilsson’s John-Lennon-produced Pussy Cats in near mint condition. Much Mango.

  5. I picked up the Tame Impala RSD live album, and it is pretty darn fantastic.

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