Wye Oak’s Shriek arrives with a Liars-like conceptual conceit: After evolving into masters of the guitar-driven mood piece over the course of three LPs, the Baltimore duo has dispensed with guitars altogether this time out in favor of bass-heavy synth music. On early singles “The Tower” and “Glory,” that self-imposed restriction seemed to be working out pretty well. Now the whole album is out there for our perusal, and the quality level is maintained throughout its duration. Cruise over to NPR to hear it.

Shriek is out 4/29 on Merge.

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  1. First listen through this was great. Want to say there’s a sorta lush vibe to it, but that isn’t the right descript because that’s essentially the best way to describe them anyway. The increased production value adds an immediate new gear to their sound. Definitely a nice way to cruise through a Spring morning listen.

  2. From my review of the album: “For Shriek, Jenn dropped the guitar and picked up the bass, while Andy added the keyboard to his drumming duties…It’s a gutsy move, if a little reckless; the guitar is not only the band’s best asset, it’s what they’ve built most of their songs around. The result is a dramatically different sound that recalls the sheen and drama of mid-80’s adult contemporary pop, sans irony. If that sentence makes you gag a little, this album might not be for you.”

    More here –

    P.S. I feel like I can do this because I comment on SG all the time, so…

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