Noel Gallagher And Damon Albarn NME Party 1994

As resident anglophile Michael Nelson explained in his tremendous introduction to Britpop Week, the era’s feuds are almost as essential to Britpop history as the music. And no conflict defined the Britpop era more than the rivalry between Blur and Oasis — more specifically, the war of egos between the bands’ primary songwriters, Blur’s Damon Albarn and Oasis’ Noel Gallagher. The dueling geniuses have since gone from bitter enemies to such jolly old pals that they’re talking about collaborating on music, but Britpop’s royals had to endure a wildly entertaining yet disconcertingly bilious media-abetted war on the way to a united kingdom. Here are 10 notable moments in that progression from adversaries to chums.

[Infographic by Michaela Schuett for Stereogum. Photo by Martyn Goodacre/Getty Images.]

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  1. Wow what a feud!

  2. You forgot to include Justin Frischmann into the mix, some quotes are part of history (“I wouldn’t kick that Justine out of bed” (Liam G) “Next time I see Liam Gallagher he’s for it” (Justine), etc.).
    Ah, fun times indeed.

    And the war was on its peak with some of their worst singles (Country House has always been a little embarrassing), kinda pathetic, even at the time.

    Well, these things didn’t change much (you just have to read Where’s The Beef almost everyday).

  3. 1996 Oasis & Blur play football for charity:

  4. So this is like a crazy feud that was never actually a crazy feud? Boring and overrated just like 90% of these Britpop bands. Blur made a lot of great stuff, though.

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