Today marks the release of Food, the sleek, stylish retro-futuristic soul platter from R&B adventurer Kelis and producer Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio. In honor of the occasion, we’re giving away a UE BOOM 360-degree wireless bluetooth speaker with a recorded greeting from Kelis — a $199 value — plus a copy of the album on vinyl. Tasty enough for ya?

To register, like Stereogum on Facebook then comment below with your favorite food using Facebook Connect login. Do not use your Stereogum user account on this post because we’ll have to be able to check if you are a fan of Stereogum on Facebook when the sweepstakes ends. Winner will be chosen randomly. Sweepstakes ends on 5/6 at 6PM EST. Good luck!

Food is out now on Ninja Tune.

Comments (76)
  1. Sandwiches

  2. Pizza!!!!!!!!

  3. Anything pasta! I love Italian food!

  4. Breakfast!!

  5. Ramen

  6. cheesecake

  7. navajo tacos

  8. Chipotle Burrito!

  9. seafood alfredo

  10. Brown Beans & cornbread w/real butter

  11. I am partial to potatoes

  12. Motha fuggin sushi.

  13. Ikura Nigirl DUH

  14. I drink your mIlkshake.

  15. TOAST!

  16. Short Ribs!

  17. Eritrean all the way

  18. Grilled cheese

  19. Grilly cheese steak

  20. Lo mein, for sure.

  21. Croque-Madame!

  22. Chicken fettuccine alfredo!

  23. Grilled cheese.

  24. fried fish tacos

  25. Fried Rice.

  26. It’s gotta be pizza.


  28. Macaroni & Cheese

  29. Sushi all the way.

  30. sashimi

  31. burritos

  32. Duck with Carrot Cake Puree

  33. Brown Rice boiled in chicken broth, pan fried green beans, & grilled chicken breast

  34. Black bean & veggie tacos

  35. Saag paneer with basmati rice.

  36. Cheeseburger. Sorry, nothing cool, I like what I like.

  37. Key Lime Pie!

  38. Bagels with Lox

  39. you all are making me hungry….


  41. BURGERS. Can’t help it.

    Also I sometimes put my cat’s tail in my mouth.

  42. peanut butter! does this event count as food? oh well, peanut butter it is.

  43. Sausage rolls!

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