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In the 17 years since the release of 1997′s Static & Silence, London indie-pop greats the Sundays have basically lived up to that album’s title. Having essentially retired from music so that singer Harriet Wheeler and guitarist David Gavurin could focus on raising their two children, they rarely give interviews and never release new material. But they’ve surfaced again in American Airlines inflight magazine American Way of all places. A new feature interview in the mag features an email exchange with Wheeler and Gavurin in which they reveal they’ve been working on music. In response to a question about where they might be willing to play a reunion show, the couple offered this response: “The contentious bit unfortunately is the reunion gig — first let’s see if the music we’re currently writing ever sees the light of day, and then we can get on to the enjoyable globe-trotting-meets-concert-planning stage.” Incidentally, they also said they’d be excited to play shows in new exotic locations such as Aruba, Fiji, and Baltra in the Galapagos rather than returning to places they’ve already performed. “Beyond that, of course, we might have to look at whether any of these destinations would have an audience for The Sundays over and above the odd tortoise or triggerfish. Nice to think about, though.”

How did American Way land the scoop? In his Editor’s Note column, editor Adam Pitluk explains that he’s been obsessed with the band ever since seeing them in Cleveland in 1993, and his curiosity finally got the best of him last year. So he tracked down Sundays bassist Paul Brindley, now “the CEO and co-founder of Music Ally, a London-based company that explores and implements ways in which music and technology can co-evolve,” and Brindley in turn put Pitluk in touch with Wheeler and Gavurin, though not without some persistence: “Paul was a nice bloke and volunteered to nudge Harriet and Dave to do an interview. Understand, won’t you, what a tall order that was, since Harriet and Dave have essentially shied away from the media for the past 17 years. But I’m a pest and Paul’s a good guy, and Harriet and Dave provided American Way with a world exclusive.” As a result of the feature, American also put Sundays songs on the in-flight playlists this month, which is just wonderful.

This is all very exciting, but does it mean we can expect new Sundays music to see the light of day? “Can’t Be Sure.”

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  1. The Sundays might reunite and tour! And when Stereogum is celebrating Britpop week, no less.

    The Sundays won’t change your life, unless you are into that early 90s jangly reverb thing like I am. If I ever form that cover band of only songs with that sound from that era (possible on-the-nose band name: The Early Nineties) “Goodbye” “My Finest Hour” and yes, “Can’t Be Sure” will make some set lists.

    Now, who’s gonna track down that hermit from the La’s?

  2. I am now the happiest man on earth.

  3. Holy. Crap.

  4. OMG. I really hope this isn’t a joke. My eyes were watery after I heard about this. I love them so much. I held out hope Harriet and David would come back for more than a decade. For me, seeing Harriet Wheeler again would be equivalent to a Christian seeing Jesus. I’m not even joking about that. But why do they need to write new songs before coming back? Harriet and David can just go to any promoter for the Glastonbury Festival, Reading Festival, or a dozen others and just say “We’re The Sundays” and be on the ticket this summer. Hell, the Benicassim Festival since they love Spain. I’ve waited this long, so I guess I can wait a little longer.

  5. This would mean so much to me. They remain one of my favorite bands, even though their footprint on music has is small (3 albums and a few B-sides) the print is a deep and important one. This is great news. Every month I look for information on The Sundays, and for once the search has been rewarded. I’m praying to the music gods old and new that we see some new music from them soon.

  6. Ok trying to contain my enthusiam. Please, please let this come to fruition. I desperately want to see you guys in concert and will travel wherever and whenever. I’m just so excited that we’ve finally heard something from Harriet and David, so thank you Paul for helping facilitate. You guys have all been very missed.

  7. I hope it happens…and I hope it’s better than their previous albums which are great ones. Personal favorites are “You’re Not The Only One I Know” and “Here’s Where The Story Ends”.

  8. I really hope this is accurate. Their kids have to be in college by now, good lord don’t you people have bills to pay after 17 years? Just tour, f the new music, the old shit was MIB!

  9. Wow…It’s pretty cool to see how many male fans The Sundays have!! I ADORE THIS GROUP!!!! I got their fisrt CD after hearing Here’s Where the Story Ends on the radio…at first, I thought it was Edie Brickell. I was at the beginning of a bad breakup…and this CD really took me to a better place and changed my whole frame of mind. Harriet, is not only an exquisite vocalist…she’s also surprisingly funny!!! The way David plays guitar…forget about it unless you are Johnny Marr, right? My all time personal favorites are: I won, You’re not the only One I Know, Wild Horses, My Finest hour, Folk song, Through the Dark, and Gone!!!! Let them come back to us, Please god… ; )-

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