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At the end of this past weekend’s Coachella, Beck joined headliners Arcade Fire onstage to cover Prince’s “Controversy.” But that wasn’t the only time Beck nodded to Arcade Fire during the weekend. During his own set on Sunday night, Beck played a quick acoustic cover of Arcade Fire’s classic “Rebellion (Lies),” telling a quick story about seeing the band early on and waiting 45 minutes in the rain to get in. He then went straight from that into his own “Blue Moon.” Check out a fan-made video below.

(via Pitchfork)

Beck’s very good new album Morning Phase is out now on Capitol.

[Photo by Karl Walker, via Getty Images]

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  1. Playing one phrase of a song isn’t really covering a song. Thanks for the click-bait.

  2. Ok so “that little bar down your house” is just called a venue Beck. The little bar down my house plays the radio and closes at 11pm. Or maybe he was talking about living in Brooklyn …

    • sometimes small bars have small areas where bands play in them. in more populated areas, such as cities, they have lots of them. sometimes there are bigger places that happen to have bars but lots of room for people to watch the band. these are called “venues”. you’re welcome.

      • I know that, I was being sarcastic. it’s just Beck’s speech sounded like “yeah go to the bar next to your house, you’ll maybe get the next arcade fire or the black keys”. I mean it’s the case for people living in big cities that’s all.

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