Joey Badass - "Mr. Wonderful"

The young Brooklyn boom-bap nostalgist Joey Bada$$ is apparently way more of an MMA fan than anyone realized. His new song “Mr. Wonderful” is an ode to the UFC light heavyweight fighter Phil Davis, and Davis will use it as entrance music before his forthcoming bout against Anthony Johnson. The song is only two minutes long, and it’s literally entirely about Davis and all the ways he’ll beat you up. The beat, from producer Kirk Knight is a weird bleepy thing and a welcome sign that Bada$$ might move beyond ’90s-rap pastiches. Listen below.

(via Consequence Of Sound)

Davis will fight Johnson at UFC 172, which goes down 4/26 in Baltimore.

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  1. I’m not sure I’m ready for him to abandon the boom bap. 1999 is so so great. He’s one of the few and definitely the youngest dude who can do justice to a Lord Finesse beat. Think how many great albums were released in the 90s over those beats: Tribe, Big L, Big Pun, the Roots, Nas and on and on. They all have their own style and so does Bada$$.

    I’m not saying he shouldn’t evolve, but he could make another great album without abandoning his throwback style. I have high hopes for B4.Da.$$

    • You should check out Bishop Nehru if you haven’t. He did a similar kind of thing with his mixtape Nehruvia, and is also really young like Joey. And he has a collaboration with DOOM supposedly coming out this year.

  2. I saw this on the side and was really hoping it was going to be a track off B4.Da.$$

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