The Replacements

I don’t know if you’ve ever talked to a middle-aged Midwestern indie rocker about the Replacements, but it’s like walking into a Pentecostal church and asking people there how they feel about Jesus. The Replacements — or two of them, anyway — reunited for last year’s Riot Fests, and they’ve played a handful of festivals since then, including the two Coachella weekends. But they’ve just announced their first proper non-festival headlining gig, and it’s back in their Twin Cities home. The band will come to St. Paul, Minnesota’s Midway Stadium 9/13. That’s the home of AA baseball’s St. Paul Saints, and it’s pretty badass that the Replacements can now headline a baseball stadium, even if it’s not exactly a major-league stadium. This will be the band’s first headlining show in 23 years. And whatever you feel about the whole reunion-industrial complex, it’s fun to imagine the heroes’ welcome the ’Mats will inevitably get at this show.

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  1. On August 2 I’ll hear music from 1970′s “Let it Be” live in Minneapolis.

    On September 13 I’ll hear music from 1984′s “Let it Be” live in St. Paul.

    Hell. Yes.

  2. This is awesome! Long live the ‘Mats!

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