Ocean Death EP

Baths has a new EP called Ocean Death coming out next month, and today he shared the title track. “Ocean Death” is an appropriate title for a song built from ominous whooshes and foreboding undercurrent. I can almost imagine Ursula from The Little Mermaid dropping it at an underwater rave, although if I remember correctly she’s more into showtunes. Dive into it below.

(via Pitchfork)

Ocean Death is out 5/6 Anticon.

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  1. Based on that abrupt ending, it seems like the EP will flow together seamlessly.

    I like that he’s calling it “Ocean Death” and the song “Earth Death” from Obsidian is my favorite Baths track to date. “Ocean Death” is less edgy than “Earth Death” so here is hoping he brings some grit on one of the other tracks from this new EP.

    • Baths has talked about being a huge Bjork fan interviews, and I think “Earth Death” was meant to be for “Obsidian” what “Pluto” was for “Homogenic” – climactic confrontation with death, as symbolized by some dark, blistering beats.

      The new track sounds good too, it didn’t floor me but I’m keeping an eye on this guy.

  2. Ocean Death has been kicking around for a while and I can admit to being a) disappointed it wasn’t on Obsidian but b) so happy it’s got it’s own EP to star in (more or less). That’s a weird way of saying that this is awesome news! I’m surprised how restrained it is, in comparison to live iterations of it, but it just sounds so good. A fan.

  3. This is great

  4. lovlovlovlove this

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