Peter Matthew Bauer - "Phildelphia Raga"

Of the three members of the Walkmen who have solo albums coming out in the next few months, Peter Matthew Bauer is the one who wasn’t the singer of the band and who isn’t making a kids’ album. Hopefully, then, Bauer’s solo debut album Liberation! won’t get lost in the shuffle. First single “Latin American Ficciones” was a lovely, evocative piece of work. And now he’s following it with another album track called “Philadelphia Raga,” which starts as pure Eastern-tinged instrumental mysticism before veering into atmospheric, driven, elegantly arranged singer-songwriterdom. It’s a neat trick, and you can hear it below.

Liberation! is out on 6/24 via Mexican Summer.

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  1. Peter, thanks for the free bumper sticker to go with my t-shirt. Club Downunder @ Florida State in Tallahassee, FL circa 2002. Also, sorry for not knowing you were in the band at that moment.

    Also, from that show was one of my all-time fave concert moments: Paul Maroon was setting up his rig before anyone else had really shown up to the venue yet and me and my friend Liz were just standing in front of the stage and i said to her, “ooh, i hope they play Revenge Wears No Wristwatch” and Paul immediately looks up and beams and smiles at us as if to say ‘woah, they know one of our tunes that isn’t We’ve Beeen Had or Wake Up. Cool!’

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