Courtney Love and Hank Harrison 1992

Who knew one of the world’s biggest Courtney Love conspiracy theorists was Love’s own father? According to Radar (via The Daily Mail), Love’s estranged father — ex-Grateful Dead manager Hank Harrison — believes she was closely involved with Kurt Cobain’s death and intends to prove it when he republishes his book Love Kills: The Assassination Of Kurt Cobain. “No doubt she was capable,” Harrison told Radar. “I can’t prove she pulled the trigger, but I can prove her involvement to a high degree of certainty.”

Harrison claims he became 100 percent certain that Love was involved with Cobain’s death earlier this week when the Seattle police shared a note from Cobain’s wallet that contained disparaging remarks about Love. Although many have speculated that the note, which refers to Love as a “bitch with zits” among other jabs, could easily have been an inside joke between Cobain and Love, Harrison says it is a crucial piece of evidence against his daughter: “If you read the true meaning of this small note, and place it in conjunction with the rest of the evidence, anyone with even half a wit will see that something dire and awful took place.” He’s also suspicious of the Seattle PD’s motives for releasing so much evidence 20 years later: “Nobody, except me, asked the obvious question: ’Why weren’t they developed 20 years ago?’ They weren’t developed because the police had already decided it was a suicide and didn’t need any more evidence.”

Who else is surprised this guy didn’t make it into Soaked In Bleach?

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  1. I knew because I’ve seen Nick Broomfield’s ‘Kurt & Courtney’. You need to watch it, Stereogum!

  2. Dude looks like Borat’s business associate.

  3. Who cares.

  4. The new Pitchfork interview has so many quotable moments, I don’t even know where to start:

    CL: …I’ve tried to tweet you guys and kiss your ass, but the dude in Portland just doesn’t like me. So I’m like, “OK, fine.”

    Pitchfork: Portland?

    CL: Isn’t it based in Portland?

    Pitchfork: No, we’re in Brooklyn and Chicago.

    CL: Oh! I see, I see. I mixed it up with “Portlandia”.

  5. What a nutjob. This isn’t even moderately convincing to a four-year-old.

  6. This man looks like an upstanding example of moral rectitude of the highest calibre, just eminently trustworthy. This is big news.

  7. “Courtney Love’s Father’s New Book Will Prove He Is A Bad Father”

  8. remember that episode of Family Guy where Meg gets a makeover and becomes a pop star?

  9. ““Nobody, except me, asked the obvious question: ’Why weren’t they developed 20 years ago?” – Actually, I think he’l find a number of people asked that question. Secondly if he’s so sure she had him offed, what makes him so certain he won’t be dealt with?

    I’m a suspicious as the next guy but this just reeks.

  10. wow, I found pics and videos of him talking about her and he doesnt sound like a loving father at all, it’s like he never wanted courtney int he first place! so sad, if he is accusing his daughter, children are their parents relfections so what does it say about him!

  11. Howling Wolf says Courtney Love’s father will increase the amount of money in his bank account. OWWWOOOOOOOOO!

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