Jon Hopkins - "We Disappear"

The instrumental track “We Disappear” was the first song on Immunity, the album of conceptual, leftfield dance music that the British producer (and Brian Eno buddy) Jon Hopkins released last year. He’s just put together a new version of the song, and this one features an airy vocal from the spirited British soul singer Lulu James, who sounds great floating over all those pings and thumps. Listen to the new version below.

The “We Disappear” 12″ single is out 6/30 on Domino.

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  1. Dear stereogum community,

    I’ve been a regular reader for a few years now and have only just made an account on here. I’ve noticed lately that the ‘cool thing to do’ is to rag on the site for anything that mildly reeks of sponsorship, catering to major label artists, pandering to petty feuds etc. However, I’ve also noticed that-judging by the comments section-these appear to be the only articles you read. New jon Hopkins? 0 comments. New Baths? 0 comments. Warpaint guitarist says Beyonce is slutty? 47 comments. Either you’re all checking out the sweet tunes that the ‘gum posts every day and keeping your mouth shut, or you’re coming on here to feed your POP diet and have nothing better to do than blame someone else for it. If you want the site to go back to the way it was then change your listening/reading habits or accept that there is good music being made in every spectrum of the music industry these days and the ‘gum needs to get paid, son.

    ps. Love u gummy boos

  2. I enjoy both original and Megan’s sung version of “Breathe this air”. But this sounds way off. I don’t even like the changes in production.

  3. Prefer the original version over this but this is nice too. Has its own vibe.

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