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I walked by Barclays Center earlier tonight and saw some kids outside with lint rollers. Take that, Canada! Not that I don’t appreciate the levity; it was a rough week. DJ Rashad and DJ E-Z Rock died. Paul Simon and Edie Brickell were arrested after a domestic disturbance. Warpaint’s guitarist slut-shamed Beyoncé and Rihanna. Lily Allen was accused of racism (again). Erykah Badu angered human rights groups by performing for the king of Swaziland. Jay Z pissed off lacrosse players, of all people. An unearthed Kurt Cobain death scene note, compelled Patrick Stickles and Courtney Love’s own father to accused her of murder. And last, but not least, Wayne Coyne fired the Flaming Lips’ drummer for speaking out against Native appropriation. TGIF. Time to listen to the Devil and revisit the week’s best and worst comments below.


#10 j.anthony | Apr 29th Score:21

Fucking Avicii. They have Jon Hopkins at their aid but they go with Avicii…

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#8 unregistered33 | Apr 30th Score:21

Nothing is more underground than Beyonce’s sister.

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#7 homesickalien | Apr 29th Score:21

Dad EDM. How cute.

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#6 theboobler | May 1st Score:22

God forbid an artist criticize a manufactured pop star in 2014, and make a statement about authenticity.

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Apr 26th Score:23

i’m too faded i can’t even rean this

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Adam Wenn | Apr 29th Score:25

Looks like Jay…..lacrossed the line.

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#3 donnytilla | Apr 26th Score:25

I fuckin killed it this week. I think I deserved at least the top bottom 5 spots. You people wouldn’t know talent if it took a dump in your john and left it for you to look at.
And yes that makes sense.

Also I wrote a letter to Dr. Drew shaming him for his poor practice on teen mom 2 reunion shows. I’ve had a couple drinks, so waht? It’s a free country (for now, obama) and I deserve to celebrate. I work too hard not to enjoy my TOP SHELF BRETT HULL success of making the top 5 of this week – I could pretend like it doesn’t matter to ol’ papa don but I’d be a goddamn liar.

I mean what are we talking about here? Listen, I ain’t some philosophy professor (i.e., academics) but I’ve been listenin to this everyday robots – not “listenin’” but REALLY LISTENIN’. And reading the article by the new kid on da block Ry Lea and I gotta say I’ve been thinking about this place and it’s like “whoa, don, you comment and the people say ‘oh don, u so sexy., me luv ur tilla 4 as long as your dong’” and i think to myself “don, like, you give the ppl your soul and what do you get in return?” and the answer ever time is “peanuts.” i get charlie fuckin brown. shit son.

but you know what? shit, cest la vie (french). it’s about this digital life and we’re all wired in. I feel like I rellay get it. Is this the end of 2001 a space oodssey? I am the baby in the placenta staring at the earth, and I’ m staring at all of you and for that I thank you, because all of you put me in the position to kill HAL and to find the black rectangle and evolve. And that’s really what it’s all about, innit?

global wrarming.


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Ariel Morales | Apr 25th Score:28

For a moment I thought I read “Shut Up, Michael_” as the name of this feature.

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#1 saturnian | May 1st Score:32

The criticism lodged at Beyonce may be a bit misguided (though the apology clarifying it is much less so), but also not completely batshit ridiculously awful either. I don’t think it’s a healthy environment for discussion when an artist is put up on a pedestal and it is officially decided that he/she is perfect and beyond any sort of criticism and fuck you if you say anything negative.

Also, the writing in this post is pretty terrible. The whole thing about how Warpaint isn’t in a position to tell pop stars what they should be doing is reactionary and complete bullshit in a way that kind of implies that Warpaint are lesser artists or musicians or something because they aren’t pop stars. Do they even want to be pop stars? Do Rihanna’s millions of dollars mean that nobody can say anything negative about her if they aren’t also on Top 40 radio? Is it really blasphemy to say that fucking Rihanna of all people has pretty bland music and it might be interesting if she did something a little more subversive or out there? Pop music isn’t categorically bad, but it is also most definitely not categorically good and immune to criticism either.

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#5 michael_ | Apr 25th Score:-12

It was spawned by the fact that Parklife turned 20 this week, and thus helped usher in the era.

But also, the weeks after Coachella tend to be slow for content, so I think it was just a way to beef up the new reads in these pages and likewise break pattern from doing the same listicles in ranking bands albums, songs, album anniversary pieces and so on, which all of their competitors are doing as well. I wouldn’t doubt if Consequence of Sound, Noisey, and whomever else are currently devising their own week-long themed binges after Stereogum lit the beacon with Britpop this week.

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#4 michael_ | Apr 25th Score:-12

In all seriousness, though, despite all of the jabs I’ve given this series throughout the week, as a former news industry person, I can see it from this site’s perspective that sometimes on a slow news day / week, you have to make gold by pulling things out of the air, so I commend the thoroughness of reporting this series brought throughout the week.

Lorde save us when ’90s Emo Week hits, though…

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Evan Dickson | Apr 25th Score:-13

Youtube embed of the album? Bad form.

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#2 michael_ | Apr 25th Score:-14

“This marks the end of Stereogum’s Britpop Week.”

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#1 velvet1965 | Apr 25th Score:-20

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kellstud | Apr 27th Score:3

That comment on Canada was money. Things are bleak up here, when does the US invade?

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Comments (30)
  1. Mike you’ve seen better weeks eh? :(

  2. I missed the stream here at Stereogum, but just got the new Woods album. Anybody else heard it? I’ve only had a chance to listen to the first side so far, but holy god, is it great.

    • I literally just saw them tonight at Austin Psych Fest and they blew me away. I never checked out their music so I was a clean, impressionable slate. My friend said he liked their newest album better than their previous ones. Whichever songs I heard tonight I very much enjoyed.

      That Liars set though… Mess is such a good album.

      • Shoulda been album of the week. Just saw them in DC this past weekend and holy hell was it a great show. Those guys are pros.

        • They’re definitely on the top of my to-see-live set, might have to go to Pickathon this summer to make that happen. My girlfriend, who’s seen them before, says this new album does the best job of capturing their live sound than any of their previous albums. Capturin’ them beautiful jams and shit


    Well, I guess I’ve earned the moment to speak here, again. I demand respect. Sure, i’ve had some drinks, so what?
    This new total control has really got me pantaloons carl malone’d. But the big issue this week for Don Till’doe is that I’m waiting on the song of the summer. And it better not be “Problem,” cuz that would be a ….


    hmhmhmhmhmhhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmmmm. Satisfaction.

    Last year we had get lucky and we had we can’t stop (JUDGE ME), but this year i feel like I’ve got nothing to keep me satisfied on the radio. I’m grasping at Calvin harris – “summer,” which is shameless, and mediocre. And Papa and his babies deserves better.

    Papa’s children, and everybody’s.

    Be easy,

    • ScHoolboy’s “Man of the Year” hasn’t seen a summer yet, so I’m going to hold tight to that song and set it free on the beach.

      But yeah. We need a Get Lucky.

      • Personal I’ve just been jamming Delorean Dynamite off Todd Terje’s shit. I think that’s my summer jam. Not THE summer jam, but it’s mine though.

        • Yeah, I just recycled Chance’s Chain Smoker as my summah jam. AGAIN. HOPE YA GUYS ARE HAVIN’ A SUMMAH.

        • Oh man that Terje album is great. Even if it’s a cover (I didn’t know when I first heard it) “Jonny & Mary” made me go, “Hold up! Bring that one back for another spin!”

          I could see Mac’s “Passing Out Pieces” play me through the summah too.

          • Passing out pieces might actually be the one for this summah. Although, that’s kind of been a winter jam for papa, given the release date. My older boy Jojo doesn’t care for it, but he shits his pants so I don’t really think he’s in any place to talk about pantaloon jazzing.

            I’ve also really been enjoying the Terje. Johnny and Mary is teeming with climax vibes, minus the falsettos, but it doesn’t fit the bill. I’m getting worried because we’re already into May here…

            Also, Total Control “Flesh War” has been on constant repeat. Again, not a summer jam. Maybe it’s a Future Islands kind of summer? Seasons? That’s pretty solid.

            Or maybe like mike said something else will come along. I can’t take a summer off though. I needs something in my veins.

        • Mine is Future Islands’ “Seasons (Waiting On You). Probably my song of the year too. It’s too infectious.

          • Seasons is great but it’s too much of a downer for song of the summer. Maybe something from the Tune-Yards album? If you haven’t streamed it yet do it NOW. Shit might have too many weird polyrhythms and whatnot for song of the summer. We’ll see…

      • Isn’t “Happy” this year’s “Get Lucky” ?? Or whatever other Pharrell song is currently soundtracking all the commercials?

    • Glad to see someone else here has a problem with “Problem,” Donny! For a couple of days, it felt like I was living in some bizarro world where everybody was sheeping onto the Grande-wagon and nobody wanted to come out and say it’s not all that impressive. It’s the song of the summer alright, but it’s the song of the summer for the safe-bet basic bitch crowd. Whoever secures the rights to songs used between breaks on Good Morning America has probably locked that thing down already and is salivating at the chomps to squeeze every penny paid for it for years to come on just like they have “Edge of Glory” and eventually, “Happy.”

      It’s still early. Memorial Day isn’t even here yet. Lana could drop something new. Grimes could return right before her festival appearances kick into gear. Or maybe summer just needs a season off for once.

    • Hmm, my comment that I posted didn’t go through. Am I banned again?

      • Doesn’t look like it!

        • Very strange. These comments finally showed up after several hours and one confused e-mail from me to the authority. No idea what was going on, but it’s getting a bit ridiculous as I thought I have been upholding the rules.

        • Nope, still banned it looks like. Just posted a comment and it didn’t go through. If it does, it’ll show up several hours later. Cover up to make it look like I’m not banned?

        • We are getting reports of various users’ comments being stuck in the moderation queue. May be related to a WordPress update — the product people are working on it!

          • Oh, phew. Thanks. I honestly thought I got banned for either posting the Titus tweets, upsetting Chris’ poptimism / Ariana Grande worship or being too critical of the business side of content mining (which I swear, I’m trying to work on but it’s tougher some days than not.)

    • If global wrarming means more Pappy Von Dinkle around here, then let those ice caps melt and flood us all away.

  4. Any way to change the thumbnail image of the Lips story to a shot of Kliph instead of her?

    You guys should’ve hyperlinked the image at question inside the article instead of using it as click bait. More importantly you’re harshing my buzz by having that pic haunt me while I’m trying to get my ‘Gum fix.

  5. Kind of irrelevant, but I’ve just realised I’ve been pronouncing Lykke Li’s name wrong for 6 years. I’ve been going ‘Likee L-eye’ but it’s actually more like ‘Likka lee’. Mindfuck.

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