Chris Martin & Spider-Man On SNL

Coldplay made their fifth appearance on SNL last night, performing two songs from Ghost Stories and lending Chris Martin to kiss host Andrew Garfield in a Spider-Man sketch. Earlier in the episode, an all-musician edition of Celebrity Family Feud offered impressions of Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Skrillex, Drake, Adele, and others. And in the digital short “The Beygency,” Garfield’s character learns what happens when you criticize Queen B. I don’t imagine SNL writers were specifically inspired by this week’s Beyoncé controversies with Lily Allen and Warpaint, but it’s pretty appropriate timing.

Celebrity Family Feud

The Beygency

Spider-Man Kiss

Coldplay Perform “Magic”

Coldplay Perform “A Sky Full Of Stars”

Target also debuted this Coldplay commercial during the broadcast…

Not music-related, but this buffalo wing short didn’t make it into the broadcast, which is too bad because it would’ve been the best part…

Next week: Charlize Theron and the Black Keys.

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  1. So, explain this to me: in “A Sky Full of Stars”, in the second verse, there’s an acoustic guitar playing in the background and yet, no one in the band is playing an acoustic guitar. Ok, I get it, it’s piped in or something, but why the fuck can’t Chris Martin or the other guitarist play the acoustic guitar part live? Bogus man.

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