The Black Keys - Turn Blue

Two and a half years after El Camino, the Black Keys are now one of the biggest rock bands in the world, and their new Danger Mouse-produced album Turn Blue is about to come out. We’ve heard a pair of tense, nervy new songs — first single “Fever” and the title track — and now the whole album is streaming at iTunes. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

Turn Blue is out 5/13 on Nonesuch.

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  1. Nah, I think I’ll do some other stuff…

  2. Ugh. Does Danger Mouse have to put his knobby fingers on EVERYTHING? His production is so intrusive – this album might as well be called “The Danger Mouse Keys,” right people?……………to be clear, I haven’t actually listened to this album yet – I’m basically just making things up.

  3. Unremarkable blues rock with unnecessary Danger Mouse flourishes. Everyone is about to realize just how over-hyped these guys got.

  4. looks like the Cryptograms cover.

  5. first track sounds way too much like Time by Pink Floyd during the instrumental breaks

  6. My expectations for this are pretty low, but man I’m liking this first song!

  7. pretty lukewarm so far

  8. This is great so far, don’t know where this backlash to having a good, popular rock band that makes accessible music is coming from.

  9. If I’ve learned anything from my time here at Stereogum, its that everyone here HATES Danger Mouse.

    • We don’t hate Danger Mouse, we just grew apart.

    • Not on principle, the Grey Album and Rome are great and his work on Modern Guilt was refreshing after the overlong Information. But lately his work feels like self-parody.

    • He did great work with Damon Albarn on “Demon Days” and I don’t think anybody can deny “Crazy”

      But 2005 was a long time ago.

    • Most everyone does seem to hate the guy, but I usually either like his stuff or feel impartial to it. Obviously some of the earlier work was good, but I thought he did a good job even with Norah Jones a couple years ago.

  10. Hey it’s not that bad I think! I kinda fell asleep listening but man that final song woke me up. Great final song!

  11. Isn’t the cover just a direct copy of Cryptograms without the extra squiggly lines in the background??

  12. It’s pretty groovy and mellow. If “El Camino” was a party, “Turn Blue” is the late night comedown.

  13. I’m liking this way more than El Camino. It sounds more like Brothers.

  14. this first track is killer, very floyd

  15. How can people critisize? WHAT ABOUT THE MONO-CULTURE!!

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