Typical System

Australian punk rocker Mikey Young juggles a lot of projects — UV Race, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Lace Curtain, and Ooga Boogas among them — but his post-punk project Total Control may be the most revered. The band’s 2011 release Henge Beat inspired plenty of hosannas around the globe, and they’re finally following it up next month with an album called Typical System. “Expensive Dog” and “Flesh War,” the pair of songs Total Control has revealed so far, both suggest this new LP will be every bit the beast the last one was. “Flesh War” is a pensive new wave tension-builder built around incessant bass and eerie keyboards, while “Expensive Dog” is a guitar-driven rager that expands from straightforward punk rock to an unclassifiable epic. Both of them will tighten your muscles and quicken your pulse; listen below.

(via Noisey)

Typical System is out 6/24 on Iron Lung. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “Glass”
02 “Expensive Dog”
03 “Flesh War”
04 “Systematic Fuck”
05 “Liberal Party”
06 “2 Less Jacks”
07 “Black Spring”
08 “The Ferryman”
09 “Hunter”
10 “Safety Net”

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  1. I loved “Flesh War” and now i love “Expensive Dog”. Im looking forward to this album!

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