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It’s been four years (!) since Spoon’s last album, Transference, and while there’s no confirmation they’re releasing a new one in 2014, all signs point to “Yes.” They just dropped a video previewing a new song*, to coincide with their first tour dates of the year (which kick off tomorrow in Memphis) and the announcement of a show called “They Want My Soul” 8/8 at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Watch the song/tour preview below, and while you’re waiting for the new LP to arrive, check out our Countdown of Spoon’s extant album’s from worst to best.

*An earlier version of this post said the song in the video is “They Want My Soul.” While that title is thought to be a song on the album, a band rep tells us it’s not the name of the song in the video.

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  1. I don’t think we need Spoon to make synthy dance music too.

  2. Sounds sweet! I smell a little Boeckner residue in this…Spoon needs to move their sound forward a titch. This appears to be showing that off a little. Can’t wait.

  3. sounds awesome
    i want this album right now

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, now DJing at the Wynn Ultra-Pool-Beach-Lounge, Britt Daniel.

    However, I fully expect the other 9 songs on this album to be chordy noisy guitar scratchings with lo-fi drums as per usual. And as per the previous “teaser.”

    • Spoons drums/percussion are anything but lo-fi in their recordings, especially in their recent releases. Don’t You Evah’s tom hits are deep and full. The crash hits on Written in Reserve are crispy and fierce as well. One of the best things about Spoon is their basic but ear catching production. Eno and Daniel know what they are doing for sure.

  5. I’m not sure how you can say that “there’s no confirmation they’re releasing a new (album) in 2014″ when their website — http://www.spoontheband.com/ — welcomes visitors with a glorious NEW ALBUM SUMMER 2014…

  6. no dc dates -__-

  7. Little concerned about this preview, but the previous one was right up my alley.

  8. Why is there five peeps in that pic? Whose whois who’s the fifth?

  9. Hmm. Maybe they should change their name to Spork or something.

  10. I wouldn’t be too concerned that Spoon is now making synth dance music – this is VERY similar to that first “preview” video of Wilco’s “The Whole Love”, which excerpted a piece from the first track, which was very different from the rest of the album and that sounded a heck of a lot like this.

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