Iamsu - Sincerely Yours

The young Richmond, California rapper Iamsu! has released a string of consistently enjoyable mixtapes, appeared on a ton of other people’s hits, and helped to usher in the West Coast’s recent wave of minimal, thudding club-rap. And now he’s finally getting around to releasing an album. His official debut Sincerely Yours comes out next week, and we’ve already heard the 2 Chainz/Sage The Gemini collab “Only That Real.” The rest of the album has guests like the Bay Area greats Too Short and E-40, and it’s also got everyone from Su’s HBK Gang crew. But Iamsu! himself is the star; he’s a warm, thoughtful rapper, but he’s also an elastic stylist and he knows his way around a hook. I’ve been waiting for this one, and now we get to hear it. It’s streaming below.

(via FADER)

Sincerely Yours is out 5/13 on HBK Gang.

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  1. This is dope, too bad critics already spent their energy on that crummy YG/Grey Poupon no-slap album as the Populist West Coast Album of the Year

    • You mean like Tom?

      • Breihan’s one guy, we’ll see what type of reception this gets, it doesn’t necessarily sound like a real immediate album so I’d understand on a level if it’s not as discussed. I just had to take a shot at DJ Mustard AKA my least favorite sound on urban radio right now

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