Smith Westerns Gap Ad

The Smith Westerns have been pretty quiet this year, which is understandable since it has only been about 10 months since they released the Album Of The Week-honored Soft Will. They’ve been doing some modeling in the meantime, though. Along with Andra Day and Wardell, the Chicago band stars in the Gap’s new music-focused #SummerLoves campaign. Check Smith Westerns in chambray above, and look for them in print ads and billboards starting this week.

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  1. I don’t think I know any dudes who still shop at GAP other than yupster ones who have girlfriends that think nothing of spending MSRP $49.50 on some cheaply-made button down shirt that will be on clearance for $12.50 in a month as part of his birthday gift.

    • Sick burn. Where do the cool dudes shop?

      • I don’t know, man — I come from the school of fashion that if it fits right, is what you like and you aren’t buying it because of the label attached to it, then you’re good to go. What people are willing to spend on it is their prerogative, but I think the voice of reason comes into play when that $50+ shirt falls apart after one or two washes.

        • I had a GAP shirt that lasted 4 washes once

        • I’ve never actually had a shirt fall apart on me during any number of washes, in any circumstance of a wash. And I’ve bought from GAP before and recently.

          Why is this ever a thing of concern? I swear I see this comment pretty often and I mean like, don’t people’s clothes last basically forever (or a really really long time)? Mine usually do and I buy from all over the place, cheap clothes and all.

          • I don’t mean they literally fall apart, but more so that even after you wash them using the most careful precautions to prevent the colors wearing out and / or shrinkage, it still looks like absolute crap afterward and needs to be relegated to your junk clothes collection.

  2. One of the most underrated bands around. Soft Will is a pretty good third album. Variety was my favorite song last year.

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