The Black Keys

The Black Keys’ Turn Blue is out on Tuesday and last night the band returned to Saturday Night Live to play a couple of songs from the album. You can watch their performances of “Fever” and “Bullet In The Brain” below.

Turn Blue is out 5/13 on Nonesuch.

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  1. I dunno if it was the notoriously bad mixing or what, but god did that sound terrible.

  2. Anyone else think Patrick Carney is a pretty mediocre drummer? I mean, he’s fine, but he’s about on the level of Meg White for me – does the job and the music doesn’t call for complicated stuff, but it just looks like he has to think really hard about every single hit. Being up front doesn’t help. I stare at him more than I normally would (even as a drummer) and I think he’s pretty boring.

  3. Yeah they did sound awful on SNL, I’m so disappointed with the new album.

  4. this new album is boring and just trudges along with no impaction or anything engaging.

  5. He’s perfect and really fun to watch when they play as a two-piece, but he doesn’t really have the chops to be the backbone for a full band.

  6. I actually didn’t think the SNL sound woes were really that bad this time, it’s just that the songs are duds.

    • I disagree, while I think the songs are a bit boring, the snl sound sucked the heaviness of the bass and drums of the songs and basically sapped the whole thing. Also, the energy wasn’t too great either.

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