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  • Jack White & Neil Young On The Tonight Show
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Last month, Neil Young released A Letter Home, an album of old-timey covers recorded entirely in the straight-to-vinyl Voice-O-Graph booth at Jack White’s Third Man compound. And last night, Young and White found an interesting way to subvert the whole musical-guest thing when they appeared on The Tonight Show. They brought the booth to Jimmy Fallon’s New York studio, using it to cut a record right there onstage. On the broadcast, in his first performance on a Fallon show (not counting the younger Young impressions), Young did a solo-acoustic version of “Crazy,” the classic Willie Nelson song most famously sung by Patsy Cline. And as an online bonus, he also sat at a piano to do a version of Ivory Joe Hunter’s “Since I Met You Baby.” Watch both performances and their interview, featuring a cameo from guest Louis C.K., below.

A Letter Home is out now on Reprise.

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  1. i dunno about you guys, but i thought it was an incredibly moving performance

  2. Jack White came to the only Urban Outfitters we got in Memphis recently with his Third Man truck. My guy Charles works there and went to shake his hand as he was walking out the door and White shook his hand without even saying anything or looking at Charles at all and kept walking. It was actually kind of funny.

  3. The Crazy performance is good, but Since I Met You Baby really stands out to me. Just a cool moment to watch, with his arms poking out of the little window as he plays the piano and harmonica.

  4. Jack White looks like a testy dude here. I’m not accustomed to watching Jack White interviews (although I have seen a couple others and he was not nearly as fidgety, awkward, and seemingly seething with contempt as he is here). Is he always like this or was he having a bad day? Also, Neil Young looked pretty uncomfortable with Fallon and the whole joshing around about Fallon’s impression of him. Woulda been better if Young went the way of Springsteen and just performed with Fallon-as-Young. That woulda been way cool. This whole interview just reeks of awkward! I like how Louie just sits on the sidelines with a sheepish grin, coolly observing the trainwreck in slow motion that is before him.

  5. Thought this was wild. Love what both of these guys do to break boundaries in music. Cannot wait to see what Jack White has coming for his new record.

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