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Yesterday, we reported that Dave Grohl would have his own HBO show, a sort of spinoff of his documentary Sound City. As it turns out, that wasn’t quite right, though the show will certainly have some of that movie’s flavor. Instead, it details the creation of the forthcoming Foo Fighters album, the band’s eighth. As the album falls on the 20th anniversary of the band’s formation, Grohl decided to do something special with it: Recording eight songs in eight different cities, in famous studios that are integral to the musical legacies of those cities. In all those different cities — Chicago, Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, D.C., and New York — local legends sat in with the band. And to preserve a spirit of spontaneity, Grohl waited until the last possible minute to write lyrics for all these songs. This could all turn out to be a complete shitshow, of course, but it’s an interesting and different way of doing things, and I’m curious to see who shows up on these different songs. The album will be out this fall on Roswell/RCA.

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  1. Nice. Still very interested in the show. And I do wonder who, other than Joe Walsh, “dropped by”. So many options in all of those cities.

  2. Dave Grohl’s continuing quest to record with everyone who was ever any good

  3. ..You blew it Grohl!!..* music cities AND NOT DETROIT??!!..Let’s see?..First Important ALternative Rocker(PUNK ROCK’s DADDY..I) Iggy POP, Detroit… First EVER Rock Recording…Detroit’s own Johnny LEE Hooker IN 1948…Bill Haley..Detroit…First HEAVY Metal RockGroup…MC5, etc. ..Detroit…Soul Music(the most influential)..MOTOWN(RACE MUSIC)..Hundreds of groups/ musicians..Detroit..FUNK MUSIC invented in Detroit George Clinton…Freaky-DEEKY..Detroit…Electronic Music ..Invented in Detroit…FUSION JAZZ ..Invenyed Perfected in Detroit..Best of POP Music (Madonna, etc.) Detroit….Not to mention Jonii Mitchell, etc. in Folk Music..Detroit..Gene Krupa STARTED IN DETROIT, THEN Chicago..BLAH BLAH…Jackie Wilson, ..Hundreds of Others…BUT..I’m just saying!…

  4. Austin? Nashville? You guys are just selling records and you should be ashamed. You are whores! Buddy Guy instead of BB King? Yesterday was the first time I listened to you and that was enough. Let me ask one question. What American City is most mentioned in American Popular Music? Memphis. Remember the King of Rock and Roll? I believe his name was Elvis Presley and he was from Memphis. If you want a live venue, why not go to the most iconic street in the world, according to USA today. It’s called Beale Street and it’s in Memphis. Rock and Roll came out of the Mississippi Delta and landed in…………………………………Memphis!

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