OutKast at Coachella

When OutKast played their first reunion set at Coachella last month, there were reports that Andre 3000, away from the stage for so long, seemed tense up there, annoyed at sound issues and at a crowd who could’ve been more excited. Those issues may be getting worse. Last night, for the Adult Swim upfronts, the duo played a small show to an invite-only corporate crowd at New York’s Terminal 5. Reporting on the show for Billboard, writer Jason Lipshutz describes a tense and chilly scene — a crowd who wasn’t paying that much attention, a group who wasn’t any more excited than the people watching them. Lipshutz writes that Andre and Big Boi “proceeded to barely acknowledge one another” during the show and that both of them “often occupied separate parts of the small stage, passing one another at the center but never glancing or smiling during the intersection.” Andre was reportedly more excited to be in the presence of Tyler, The Creator, who was in the audience, than he was about the show itself. This was only the band’s fifth show since their reunion, and they’ve got a whole fuckload of them left to go this summer. This should be fun!

[Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic @ Coachella]

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  1. If things don’t improve I foresee a Morrissey-esque cancellation sweep.

  2. Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

  3. Idk what that guy is on, but i was there and it was pretty fun. While whole crowd wasn’t mega-enthused (really, what do you expect for a corporate show where a big chunk of people are older) but there were a good contingent of us who were getting hype in front of the stage/singing along.

    Both Big Boi and Andre seemed to be having a good time with the audience (even if it didn’t seem like weren’t super into each other).

    Also, T5 is a shitty venue generally. Billboard guy was probably on the 3rd floor balcony looking down.

  4. “invite-only corporate crowd”

    Oh, there’s the problem.

    If Outkast wanted to play to fans they shouldn’t have taken a corporate gig. In fact they probably shouldn’t have decided to play a bunch of festivals and organized their own tour. It’s their fault they’re playing to bored hipsters who came for Lana Del Rey and college kids who just want to try molly and dance to Calvin Harris. I’m an Outkast fan but I really don’t care to drive multiple states, shell out somewhere from $500 to $1000 dollars for a bunch of bands I’m only kind-of into, all so I can see Andre skulk through a headlining set. No thanks.

    I think Outkast can also take some of the blame for the fact that people aren’t as cognizant of their work as Andre obviously thinks they should be. Outkast has been promising new material for so long and now Big and Dre rarely even do guest verses on each other’s shit. I feel like Big Boi has tried to do his thing, but Andre in particular has not done anything proactive to keep Outkast’s legacy alive. But he wants to act all offended when nobody gives a shit about the deep cuts off “Love Below.”

    As a fan I am genuinely sad the reunion is turning out to be a disaster, but I think that Andre’s ego led him to overestimate Outkast’s relevance to the mainstream, ignore his fans, and go for the easy money on the reunion circuit. And yes I think I have some deep resentment/daddy issues having to do with Andre letting Outkast die so he can pursue his terrible singing / non-starter solo career.

  5. Floatin’ face down in the Mainstream…

  6. Dead wrong. I was in the front row and they were flawless and engaged. They referred to each other many times.

  7. i don’t ever comment on articles i read on the internet but since this was so completely false and wrong i felt i had to say something. i was also up in the front row and everyone around me (and those on the stage) were having the time of their lives. Andre and Big Boi did often occupy opposite parts of the stage – because they were PERFORMING and MOVING AROUND. they both smiled constantly and it was infectious. i don’t know where this alleged “reporter” was standing but it sounds like he was in the line for the bathroom. this story is complete bullshit.

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