Jeopardy rap

It’s always fun whenever Jeopardy tangles with music. All-time destroyer Ken Jennings is apparently back on the show, and he came pretty close to sweeping the show’s ’90s rap song category, which offered the priceless vision of Alex Trebek delivering rap lyrics. Watch it play out below.

That last question probably just threw everyone off because “Sabotage” isn’t really a rap song.

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  1. Last night even had a Gucci Mane clue –

  2. “So listen up cuz you ain’t sayin’ nothin’
    You’ll shut me down with the push of a button”


  3. It’s Trebek’s terrible botching of the cadence that creates a mental block and makes the question much harder than it should be.

    One must block Trebek out completely, and read the words to oneself (imagining Mike D’s voice), at which point the answer just pops to the frontal lobe. But try doing that in front of cameras, and with Trebek staring dumbfounded at your failure to appreciate his ill flow.

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