Wish I Was Here

Ten years after making his directorial debut Garden State, Zach Braff is finally about to release his next movie, the controversially crowdfunded Wish I Was Here. We already know that the soundtrack will feature some indie heavy hitters: Bon Iver, the Shins, Cat Power singing a song that Chris Martin wrote. And today, Braff unveiled the movie’s extended trailer on his Twitter. It looks really bad. It looks like someone’s joke idea of what Zach Braff’s 2014 Garden State follow-up would look like. The trailer does, however, feature a new song from the Shins. So that’s something. Check it out below.

If you really feel like paying to see it, Wish I Was Here goes into limited release 7/18.

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  1. Um…how do you really feel?

  2. Ouch! You were able to surmise that the movie looks bad from the trailer? Have a little faith that the movie might actually be good.

  3. That movie looks so 2005.

  4. ” It looks really bad.” and “Insufferable” are comical understatements

  5. good god this looks awful

  6. I think the movie looks good. Good thing this music site is about music and not film, eh?

  7. I feel like I want to hate this more than I do. I’ll probably end up watching it at some point. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a nice way to spend 90 minutes. Great song, BTW.

  8. Gonna be an awesome movie. Acquired taste. Plus, Rowdy from Scrubs will make an appearance. That’s worth the ticket price.

  9. Well, I don’t know about the movie from the trailer. But that song, just from that little bit… let’s get that going. Let’s get that going right now.

  10. It looks like Braff took all that pent-up corny end-scene monologue from Scrubs since it went off the air and just blew a nut with it into a feature length film. Good thing sensitive guy indie rock music has been replaced by sensitive rap guy and emo revival music in the time since, ensuring this thing will look like an outdated joke upon arrival.

  11. If Jon Stewart and Ray Romano married each other and somehow gave birth to a child, Zach Braff would be that child.

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  14. yeah that looks awful. the whole plot point about the daughter shaving her head was written into the script after she was cast, only because she played the young version of talia in the dark knight rises flashbacks

  15. I’m not so sure we can just decide this looks awful just based on this trailer. I’d say it could go either way. It looks like there’s a chance that it might be a bit tongue in cheek and the movie is fully aware of itself and kinda making fun of everyone’s expectations of a Zach Braff movie… or maybe it’s awful. I can’t tell.

    I CAN tell that that Shins song sounds amazing, though! Psyched for that!

  16. Is there a new Shins album on the way?

  17. I mean, that song is pretty good.

  18. Stick to reviewing the music, Tom.

  19. Apparently people don’t understand that when you cut a trailer for a film it is supposed to be representative of the film itself in tone and quality, so if a trailer looks bad by the transitive property the film looks bad as well. Notice that nowhere does it say “This is a bad movie” but rather “This movie looks bad,” which is based on a trailer cut from what the filmmakers want to represent the film.
    Also of note: pretty sure Tom has a background in reviewing both film and music and how to the two relate (See Video of the Week column).
    Also this movie looks terrible.

  20. Whatever, I think it looks cool.

  21. “You’ve gotta hear this one song, it’ll change your life!” would have been the appropriate lede.

  22. ‘Man of Steel’ looked pretty great from the trailers and we all know how that one turned out.

  23. Dunno what you’re on about, the movie looks great.

  24. Y’all guys have the awesome gift of telling the quality of a movie just by seeing its trailer? Man that must be one exhausting gift. I mean, yeah, the trailer is kinda weird but maybe, just maybe, the movie’s plot is actually good?

  25. Funny how so many people point out the corny trailer but not the corny song. (downvote all you want, but I had to say it)

  26. Not sure about the movie but 100% sure that Zach Braff (or Zach Braff’s sound director) has great taste in music :)

  27. sorry to say but stereogum just seems to jump on whatever train is trendy at the moment and I guess its the bash Zach Braff one this week , think the film looks alright and could be good , they just seem to want to grab your attention like a trashy tabloid with the headline “insufferable” and all that, which is why this is my one and only comment on this site its a tabloid hipster site, like the beyonce , solange thing or whatever who cares people fight but this and numerous other thrash they post is a waste of my time , enjoy the terrible tabloid crap folks I’m at my wits end with it

  28. Zach Braff is funny and I liked Garden State. So yes, I think I’ll be watching it.

  29. Not only does it look terrible, it also looks exactly like Garden State. Not just The Shins, but the daddy issues, the manic pixie girl, the quirky costumes, Zach Braff looking puzzled at some ironic visual gag (the pamphlet holder in this case, happens like a billion times in GS), the jump-into-the-pool scene, Zach Braff saying some corny pseudo-profound shit like “maybe we’re the ordinary people, the ones who get saved!”

    Come on man, 10 years and you haven’t grown as a writer and director at all?

    • I’m curious, do you like the new real estate album?

      • Real Estate are not a band that I listen to, but if this is a dig at them never evolving their sound, I must admit I do love Dinosaur Jr and Superchunk, who haven’t evolved in nigh on 30 years :p

        • I remember Kennedy from MTV saying “Bad Religion have been playing the exact same song for 20 years now. Fortunately for them it’s a really good song”

          I’m always leary of evolving bands. More often than not they “evolve” into something that sucks. I absolutely love My Morning Jacket right up to It Still Moves. Then they evolved into a band I couldn’t care less about.

          • I think this is kind of a dumb argument. You like what you like for a variety of reasons, but blaming that one whether or not a band is evolving or not really makes no sense. Am I happy that Radiohead “evolved” to make Kid A? Absolutely because I love that record. Am I happy that they “evolved” to make The King of Limbs? Not particularly because the first half of that album doesn’t really appeal to me. I wish that M. Ward would do something different in his solo work, but I also sometimes wish that Modes Mouse had never tuned their guitars.

  30. Is no one else upset about the grammar?!?!

  31. This film is basically just a 90 minute Owl City music video

  32. Does anybody (‘Gum included) ACTUALLY review anything anymore? Or are all reviews a regurgitation of what said reviewer has heard other reviewers saying? I’m not saying this new Braff movie isn’t absolute shiite but I feel like it’s reached the point where there’s just one guy sitting around in a room dictating what every other critic will be regurgitating a few days later.

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