Slowdive @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London, 5/18/14

Slowdive announced their reunion way back in January, and last night, they played their first show since making that announcement — not to mention their first show in 20 years. The band played a 13-song set at London’s Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, with songs from 1993′s Souvlaki making up the bulk of the set (although all their releases, including the early EPs, were represented). A fan captured the entire show on video and shared it, and while no one is making The Last Waltz on their iPhone anytime soon, the quality of these clips is good enough to make watching them worthwhile. Despite the constant comparisons, Slowdive were always a lighter, more delicate band than fellow British shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine, and while the reunited MBV put on a live show that makes the new Godzilla remake seem quaint by comparison, Slowdive are focusing intently on the details of the songs here, and for my money, pretty much nailing ’em. Couple additional notes: 1. Apparently Rachel Goswell hasn’t actually aged since the Souvlaki photo shoot, and 2. They really do gaze at their shoes, huh? Watch.

Here’s the full setlist, via

01. Slowdive 

02. Avalyn 

03. Catch the Breeze 

04. Crazy for You 

05. Machine Gun 

06. 40 Days 

07. Blue Skied An’ Clear

08. Souvlaki Space Station

09. When the Sun Hits

10. Morningrise

11. She Calls

12. Golden Hair (Syd Barrett cover)
13. Alison

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  1. This just made my day.

  2. Who can even dare to compare slowdive to mvb? thats very stupid, they are two very different bands even though they both are shoegaze bands… it’s like comparing ride to cocteau twins… dorks.

  3. Upon news of their reunion happening, there was some curiosity as to whether or not present-day folk-era Halstead’s voice would be able to turn into its former shoegazing form. Aside from the Galifianakis look he’s sporting, I’d say it has.

  4. Even with the literal shoegazing they’re more engaged then the reunited Oukast.

  5. Simply magical. So happy to have them back and creating music together again. In all their incarnations, they have satisfied and continue to do so.

  6. Slowdive speaks to my soul like no other band does.. makes me incredibly happy to see them reunited.. feels like I rediscovered a long lost friend :’-)

  7. :) so analog.

  8. A girl I briefly worked with told me that her friend Simon was the drummer in Slowdive. I met Simon later, and was seriously this close to gushing about how much I loved Slowdive, but it turned out that he made the whole thing up, and was just a random British guy also named Simon Scott. But what a weird thing to lie about, right? The girl didn’t even know I was a Slowdive fan, this guy must have been going around like “Hey, 20 years ago I was the drummer in a band that most people haven’t heard of, impressed?”

  9. Just another example of Stereogum lowering its standards and pandering to the masses with more of this populist crap. Shoegaze isn’t even music! Its just people talking over noise! You guys used to have a little thing called integrity! Did you lose it when BIG SHOEGAZE came calling with their swimming pools full of cash and pillows of sweet sweet cocaine? For shame.

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