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Twitter’s music recommendation service Twitter Music notoriously sputtered then shuttered after getting off to a fast start, but maybe they’ll have better luck hosting music instead. Re/code is reporting that Twitter is in talks to buy SoundCloud. Earlier this year SoundCloud valued itself at $700 million, which would make it Twitter’s most expensive purchase ever by far; the company acquired mobile ad company MoPub for $300 million last year. The deal makes sense in at least one other way, per Re/code’s report: “Twitter’s users frequently pass along SoundCloud links in their messages; earlier this year, a survey found that Twitter users share SoundCloud links more than any other music service, including Spotify.” Re/code also speculates that this could force SoundCloud to evolve in a manner similar to YouTube, with ads before streams and deals with the major labels surely to come. Ads before SoundCloud streams would suck! But we’ll see what develops.

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    I do not want this to happen. I love soundcloud so much, it is possibly my favourite music streaming sight, it has allowed me to get a tiny following on my own page and discover countless super cool producers from all over. It’s communities are so rich and the interface is really excellent, I would hate to see twitter blow it the fuck up with ads and all that, that would make me very sad, because right now it is one of the few ad-free media websites. Pro accounts and whatnot make sense, they help support soundcloud and even free users aren’t at a real disadvantage by not paying. Soundcloud has so many things right, I wish they would be a company that sticks it out by itself and doesn’t cave and sell to a massive social media company. :(

  2. My soundcloud feed is sacred ground.

    Go on, Twitter. I dare you.

  3. Ads before streams would be terrible. I also wonder how that would affect streams being aggregated on sites like HypeMachine. As always, everything that is a good idea eventually becomes comprised by terribleness.

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