Stephen Malkmus

Last night brought the 18th Annual Webby Awards, where Ylvis’ captivatingly bizarre video for “What The Fox Say?” won for Best Viral Video. Appearing to hand off the award were Stephen Malkmus and Reggie Watts, who both appeared to have trouble reading the teleprompter, which led to the already stiff dialogue taking on a hilariously stilted awkwardness. Whether this was part of the bit or just a mistake isn’t clear, but it’s great. In addition to Malkmus, there were also appearances from Fred Armisen (as Ian Rubbish), Questlove presenting De La Soul with the Artist Of The Year award, and Patti Smith awarding Banksy the Person Of The Year award. Watch footage of all those things below.

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  1. I like how out of all the possible Pavement songs they could have played they chose “Date w/ Ikea,” one of the few Pavement songs written and sung by Spiral Stairs. To their credit, at least they didn’t play Archers of Loaf or Sebadoh or something. Nice work at least getting the right band, Webby Awards! Here’s to faint praise!

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