Nicki Minaj - "Pills N Potions"

It had to happen sooner or later. After rapping her ass off on recent for-the-internet-heads tracks like “Chi-Raq” and “Yasss Bish!!,” Nicki Minaj has gone back to widescreen down-the-middle pop music on her new single “Pills N Potions.” But if she has to make pop music, best that she make pop music like this. Top 40 overlord Dr. Luke produced “Pills N Potions,” the first single on Nicki’s forthcoming album The Pink Print, and it’s a graceful and personal piece of work. I have a terrible track record picking this sort of thing, but it sounds like a hit. Listen below.

The Pink Print is coming sometime this year on Young Money.

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    • Looks at downvotes / Makes jerkoff motion.

      • 99.5% of the downvotes I get from the staff itself considering they happen within seconds of me posting a comment.

        • I don’t think one can see how many upvotes/downvotes there are for a comment oneself have posted but your first comment here right now has 5 upvotes and 9 downvotes. Don’t bother commenting on the downvotes, man. You have opinions, people don’t always like them but many obviously enjoy that you share them. A downvote is at least a sign that someone has cared about what you’ve posted, right? Also, I believe there are people just downvoting you to get a reaction since it usually won’t take much. (insert happy face)

          • “There should be a field that requires readers to offer a logical explanation as to why they downvoted another user to decrease revenge downvoting.” – Me making an irrational request

    • Have you been listening to her output since the end of 2013? This is literally the only “pop” song she’s released, and it sounds absolutely nothing like “Pound the Alarm” or “Starships”. And no, these verses aren’t anywhere close to being the best she’s done, but she’s set the bar so high for herself it’s inevitable she won’t reach it with some of her pop singles. And singing is one of her “skills,” michael_.

      I’m a fan of this. I think she shows remarkable restraint in her vocal performance, and there’s more sincerity to it than any Macklemore song not named “Same Love” (and that’s because of Molly Lambert).

      • I’m pretty sure the talk about her not continuing on the pop path was directed at her direction on her next album and not the in-between non-album singles she’s been releasing the last few months to keep her cred intact with rhyme purists. This sounds like she caved to label pressures with people who still insist she make watered-down, radio-friendly hits rather than rap.

    • With you 100%. This is the sound of pure disappointment.

  2. I’ve always been a sucker for Nicki’s pop singles so feel free to take my opinion with a grain of salt… I think this is a beautiful great song. That being said, I hope that the sound of her new album sways more towards “Lookin Ass Nigga”.

    • i’m a sucker for her nipples.

      • Actually, if you go with a photo like that for your cover I bet you’d be pretty dissapointed if people DIDN’T comment on your nipples. It’s all I’m taking away from this post, I won’t remember that song but those nipples, man, whenever I hear ms Minaj from now on I’m going to recall those nipples. Don’t make this a sexist thing, mind you, if it had been a big mole on someones forehead, or the contours of a gigantic penis, I’d remember that too.

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