Veruca Salt on Conan

After a 17-year absence, the short-lived ’90s alt-rock greats Veruca Salt got the original lineup back together earlier this year and released the shockingly kickass new song “Museum Of Broken Relationships” as a Record Store Day single. But before last night, they hadn’t shared a stage since reuniting. Last night, they were musical guests on Conan, where they performed their great 1994 riff-pop anthem “Seether.” I remember that one as a tremendous song, and somehow, watching that performance, it’s even better than I thought. As an online bonus, they also played “Museum Of Broken Relationships,” but for whatever reason, that one isn’t up online yet. We’ll post that one as soon as it’s ready. In the meantime, watch “Seether” and download the new single below.

Veruca Salt are touring together this summer. You should maybe go see them.

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  2. Nina rearranged the letters on her Vox amp to say XO
    <3 <3 <3 so glad they're back

  3. Oh, man. Saw them a couple times back in the day. Definitely need to make it 3 over all.

  4. Did the drummer miss the crash at around 1:48?

  5. Louise Post is still cute as ever…

  6. Welp, now I know I’m going to be crying with happiness when I see them in concert in June.

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