Will Ferrell & Chad Smith Drum-Off

Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith have long found themselves near the top of every celebrity-lookalike listicle, and last week, we learned the news that the two would stage a drum-off for charity on The Tonight Show. That drum-off happened last night, and massive credit is due to Will Ferrell for stretching a thin “these guys look like each other” comedic conceit into some deeply entertaining television. Ferrell and Smith came out together, dressed exactly alike and pretending to be one another. And in the actual drum-off, Ferrell, at the very least, proved capable of pretending to hold a beat. The whole thing built to an absurd but inevitable conclusion, one familiar to everyone who’s ever watched the “more cowbell” SNL sketch (which is everyone, ever). Watch the drum-off below.

RHCP stuck around to perform Funkadelic’s “Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On” and Blood Sugar Sex Magik favorite “Give It Away” with the Roots as well.

Unexpected takeaway from this thing: Will Ferrell and Chad Smith actually don’t look that much like each other.

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  1. Ferrell ain’t making those sounds.

    • The camera work was very good, but yeah it is faked. Notice how they did a close up every time he had to hit a cymbal?

      • I dunno. I don’t even think it could fool anyone. Every drum is muted with huge pads, close ups when rolling, he’s not lifting hi-hats when you hear them open, stray cymbal sounds, he rolls for too long most of the time etc.

  2. You know Ferrell wasn’t ACTUALLY playing the drums right?

  3. Wow those performances looked like a ton of fun.

    • Agreed. If the chili peppers did a tour with no songs past californication, and just funk covers I would buy a ticket in a heartbeat.

  4. Seriously though: why no drum off between Chad Smith and ?uestlove….?

    That is something I would actually want to see.

  5. I thought I was over Will Ferrell’s schtick but that was the most thoroughly enjoyable thing I’ve seen on any late night show in a while!

  6. The first thing i did when the chili peppers came out was check and see if their guitars were plugged in

  7. Peppers got great tunes. Wait – I mean “had.” LOL

    WAIT – I mean “never had” LMFUCKINGAO.

    Gotta laugh.

  8. Was I the only one who came away from watching those videos thinking, “damn, I’d like to see an entire show of the Chili Peppers and The Roots playing together”?

  9. Still remember when under the bridge came out… awesome!

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