Fucked Up - Glass Boys

In our feature on Fucked Up’s fourth album, vocalist Damian Abraham shed some light on the thought process behind Glass Boys: “It’s about being in a ’subversive’ young people band and waking up twelve years later and being like, ’We’re not young people any more. Where do we fit now? It’s about recognizing that the idealistic ’fuck this entire music industry’ person that you were doesn’t jibe with the person that requires the music industry to sustain their life.” We’ve already heard “Paper The House,” “Led By Hand,” and “Sun Glass” and now you can hear the whole, ferocious thing streaming at Pitchfork. Glass Boys is out 6/3 via Matador.

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  1. Very much looking forward to giving this a whirl. Another option is to stream the 1/2 speed drum version at Exclaim! if you want a different perspective: http://t.co/qkqd4D8pNc

  2. Hot damn, this thing rips

  3. this album is pretty Fucked Up if you know what I mean

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